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What Project Management Solutions Offer Your Business

project management solution

A project manager is the main link in all communications related to a project, this directly influences the efficiency of the team, as well as the manager's productivity. Today, many companies still use spreadsheets or traditional project management applications to keep track of their projects. E-mail, text documents, and spreadsheets are still very popular, despite their many flaws.

Many companies today work on a project basis. As with other business processes, software solutions are also often used here. They relieve those involved in the project with their tasks and help to lead projects to success. A project management solution is particularly valuable when many people are involved in a complex project and the flow of communication between all actors has to be guaranteed. Project management solutions support:

Planning: The project manager stores the project goals, plans and tasks in the software. All those involved can view and document their tasks there.
Control: All those involved in the project store their work results in the system. This makes the project progress visible and controllable at the same time.
Control: The status of a project can be evaluated at any time according to various aspects (e.g., compliance with deadlines).

Important Functions Of Project Management Solutions

Project management solutions are available in large numbers today. However, they usually differ significantly in terms of their functions and their approach to project management. Some cover a wide range of project management functions; others only focus on a smaller sub-area. The most important functions of a project management solution include the following:

  • Project Preparation: Software-supported definition of goals, overall and sub-goals
  • Project Planning: Structuring the project with the help of sub-projects, work packages, tasks and milestones as well as embedding in a schedule.
  • Project Handling: Compilation of all information, documents and work results for the project documentation.
  • Project Controlling: Graphic evaluations (e.g., project progress, current status), target/actual comparison, forecasts.

Possible additional functions: e.g., resource management (team planning), knowledge management, cost planning, resource planning, time recording, and project accounting. A top mobile app development agency like Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the development of an excellent project management solution.

Modern Project Management Method

Traditional project management solutions are not focused on collaboration, they were mostly designed with a top-down approach and are not suitable for open collaboration. These tools focus on the project manager and make him the central element of project communications, first he has to get the facts from team members through meetings and emails, then put them in a file and communicate the plan of the project to senior management and clients. The process is repeated every time something changes. The project manager should also play the role of an alarm clock, reminding team members of their deadlines and to-dos. The whole process takes a lot of time and effort, and the result is a heavy burden for the project manager.

New technologies such as those used by Hyperlink InfoSystem enable a new approach to project management that is characterized by a dramatic shift towards collaboration as the heart of project management. Hyperlink InfoSystem project management solutions take care of the routine part of a project manager's job: reminding team members about deadlines, consolidating status updates into a single plan, and communicating changes. They also allow collaboration between members and share information easily.

The Cost Required In The Development Of Mobile App

The costs for app development cannot be determined as a flat rate. You cannot call up a flat rate for an app. No app is the same as the other and even if apps appear similar at first glance, the costs can be extremely different.

Some Definitely Incurred Costs:

  • The workload of the developer per hour
  • Developer account at Apple
  • Developer account with Google
  • Percentage fee to Apple / Google
  • Server / hosting costs vary depending on the need and cannot be determined across the board

Costs That Depend On The Type Of App:

  • Simple apps that only run locally on the smartphone (calculator, flashlight, household book etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server (news apps, weather apps, information apps with dynamic content etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server (messenger apps, social media apps without login etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server including login (social media apps with login etc.)
  • Complex apps that require a login and retrieve a lot of information from servers (online shops, flight bookings etc.)
  • Apps with complex 3D elements (games, 3D editing programs, video editing programs etc.)

The Operating System Is Crucial:

In addition to the app category, the operating system is also decisive for the cost of an app. In general, it can be said that the development of a native Android app is on average 20% higher than the cost of developing a native iOS app. The reason for this is that the variation of Android devices is significantly greater than that of Apple devices. If you rely on native apps, each app has to be developed individually, as each app is developed specifically for the operating system. So-called hybrid apps offer an alternative. These are only developed once, can run on iOS and Android and are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain.

The design of the app also affects the cost of app development. If a complex, unique design is to be implemented, the effort for the implementation of the app increases. If complex animations are also to be integrated, the effort increases even further.

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