Real Estate Portal Solution

How Real Estate Portals Work

real estate portal solution

The creation of a real estate portal is a digital resource that empowers and drives the real estate purchase and sale market. Real estate portal is a digital showcase that allows you to give visibility to a portfolio of properties for sale or rental properties that you are offering to a specific target audience distributed worldwide.

In general, you should complement the information on the portal with content and images that improve the user experience and create a positive and satisfactory connection.

In addition, in the face of the digital age, the use of the Internet has become a useful resource to specify searches related to buying and selling real estate. Also, you can create links with visitors from anywhere in the world, segment them and thus make a follow-up and subsequent evaluation to optimize the processes of buying and selling the product.

So real estate portals are a useful tool to improve the digital visibility of any real estate company or for agents in the sector who wish to strengthen the business virtually. In this way, if you are creating your own website, you will have the opportunity to manage and integrate multiple real estate agents who wish to publish based on the criteria you establish within the portal.

Essential Benefits Of Real Estate Portal Software

  • Reduction Of Management Costs: It does not matter if you are an independent agent or a real estate agency, you will have all the necessary information to manage your business from your mobile phone when you use a real estate software portal solution without the need for a larger work team or a greater investment in sales management processes or customer portfolio management.
  • Analysis Of Deviations: When we talk about deviations, we refer to the difference that arises between the budgeted amount and the amount that finally comes up. In other words, before the beginning of each financial year, the company prepares a budget with the amounts it estimates for the year of the different items of income and expenses, as well as the expected profit. However, the reality will be very different since deviations that change the expected income either positively or otherwise arise. And the real estate portal developed by our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem keeps you informed of the trends of these deviations.
  • Real Estate Sales Cycles: If you have been a real estate agent for a while, you will know that property sales have good seasons and not so good seasons. However, using a real estate solution such as the done developed by Hyperlink InfoSystem will allow you to detect these cycles and better prepare your strategies.
  • Employee Supervision: Real estate companies will be able to manage the progress of their agents in real time, know who has closed sales, who has new properties and who has managed to form an alliance with other real estate agents. 
  • Completely Synchronized Information: The best thing about a real estate program is that you can update the information in all the key areas of the business with a single click. In short, if you sell a property, it will appear as sold or will be deleted from the different property sales platforms. The company will know who made the property sale and all members of the network will be aware of the price of the final offer.

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Portal

Strengthen Customer Relationships

It is a valuable alternative, to create connections with consumers who wish to acquire real estate, since most clients who are interested in conducting a business related to real estate access from the Internet.

Thus, they manage to find information about the property of their interest and answer questions such as: where is it located? What is the size? What is the cost or price of the property?

Increase Visibility

Strengthening the appearance of properties before a worldwide audience. In this way, it is possible to increase the scope of the real estate market, influencing the probability of establishing contact with a buyer located anywhere in the world and being sold in a shorter time.

Manage And Administer Properties

It allows professionals dedicated to the real estate sector such as: property brokers and consultants oriented in the purchase and sale of real estate, manage them from an active online platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with the possibility of appearing in the first positions.

In addition, your portal can function as a profitable and manageable database or search engine to create links with the target of the product or service you offer.

Strengthen The Marketing Of Real Estate

It improves the stages of the Customer Journey, that is, the different phases that the user goes through from the investigation, evaluation and completion of the sale of the product.

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