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Factors To Consider When Developing a Mobile App

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Digital transformation is now very popular among businesses. It is now essential to increase in productivity, efficiency, safety, and autonomy. Mobile applications represent a fundamental axis of the digital transformation of companies. Hyperlink Infosystem is a top mobile app development agency in Anaheim. 

Increase Your Productivity With a Mobile App

A technician who travels in intervention must respect a good number of procedures and deal with administrative duties, and unforeseen events. A mobile application allows you to act on all or part of the employee value chain to make their life easier and guarantee their safety.

The mobile app allows you to have personalized mission orders and the inherent documents (technical documentation of the machine, customer history) directly on you in order to prepare your intervention in peace. In fact, peace and security are aspects that often come up in this type of project: an employee who can rely on a mobile application is more invested, concentrated and efficient on the interventions themselves.

During the intervention, the technician can rely on the documents he has chosen and follow his mission order step by step. He can validate the different steps on a checklist, take pictures and still write his mission report “by voice” thanks to his mobile application.

After the assignment, the employee validates everything with one click and the mobile application takes care of sending the information to the company information system (management, database, ERP, etc.). Is there no network available at the end of the intervention? This is not a problem; a native mobile application is able to perform delayed synchronization automatically.

This is ideal for monitoring and management. All work is saved with mobile application. The history is crystal clear and the management of intervention schedules becomes child's play.

A web Backoffice tool (which most of the time goes hand in hand with the business mobile application) allows the manager to generate a lot of representative data and to have an overview of the activity. Hyperlink InfoSystem has created business mobile applications to manage stocks and supplies for internal stores.

Digital transformation of your business processes is not complicated with the help of a top mobile app development agency in Anaheim. This is because it is not necessary to achieve a brutal transformation of your work tool. This is the whole point of a tailor-made mobile application: we start by developing a feature and the rest is done naturally according to changes and your expectations. It is an agile method, a step-by-step development.

A significant Effect On Humans

In addition to the pure profitability of investing in a mobile application, we must also talk about its impact on “humans” which is much more important and rewarding than it seems.The employee on the one hand has been equipped with a smartphone for a long time and knows how a mobile app works very well. He will not be disoriented and will not need a long training (if the application is well designed). He will gain autonomy, motivation and he will even be happy to use the app which will take away his constraints and above all, he will save time.

The client on the other hand sees a service provider who carries out his operations based on the orders present on his smartphones, who takes pictures during his intervention, who validates his checklist and who have a delivery slip electronically signed. It is a guarantee of reliability, speed, reliability and modernism.

Time saving

If we take stock at Hyperlink InfoSystem of the various business apps made for several years, the main component that emerges from feedback is: time savings. Sometimes several hours saved per employee and per day within the same company.

No need to do complex calculations: saving one hour per day per technician represents a colossal sum for the company at the end of the year.

Features To Consider During Mobile App Development

Push Notifications

The turnover to be achieved depends largely on the interactions within the app. The more often the application is used, the more it pays off for companies that have apps developed. The real-time information shows the user important information. Different message types can be integrated here. The programming effort ultimately also depends on this.


The user experience is the most important element. Only intuitive navigation ensures satisfied users. Companies that have an app built should rely on a team of experts. Because they can contribute a lot of know-how and experience. There are also some actions available for programming this component.


Along with the navigation, the design should be appealing. It is important here that the design expert implements the horizontal as well as the vertical view. Depending on the content, one or the other view is suitable. For companies that have an app made, the corporate design should also be used.

Integration of Additional Services

A smartphone takes on many tasks today. The device can also be used as a wallet, navigation device and camera. Google Maps and Google Pay can be perfectly integrated and thus create another advantage for the user. 

In the customer area, the integration of chat services and messenger services is ideal. This allows users to get in direct contact with their advisors or to share content with friends and acquaintances. This approach increases the reach and loyalty enormously. 

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