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top mobile app development company in argentina

Developing mobile apps offers many advantages to businesses. As a top mobile app development agency in Argentina, Hyperlink InfoSystem is the ideal company to contact for the development of mobile solutions. With the development of mobile apps for your business, you can easily and efficiently manage your operation, thereby, achieving greater profitability.

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading mobile application development company in Argentina. We are aware of the enormous potential of mobile apps in companies. According to a report by Accenture, companies are spending much of their time and great efforts in the development of mobile applications.

Organizations have realized the important role that mobile apps have. In addition to allowing greater connection with customers, they help improve employee productivity and efficiency.

On the other hand, mobile technologies allow you to optimize your operations and have access to new sources of income. According to the Accenture survey, most executives are convinced that mobility is evolving so fast that mobile apps are necessary for technology to become a reality within any company. The majority of top business executives are very aware that developing mobile apps will improve relationships with their clients. Specifically, 85% think that mobile applications will be the interfaces of the future. The main keys to driving greater adoption of mobile apps throughout the company are:

  • The security of company data.
  • A reliable and consistent performance.
  • Real-time access to data in the cloud.
  • A positive user experience.
  • A testing program.

Some of the reasons holding back the expansion of the use of mobile apps are:

  • Security, which remains the biggest concern.
  • Performance issues (such as app bugs and exits).
  • Lack of internal capabilities.
  • Operational issues (difficulty in developing and updating apps efficiently).

Developing Mobile App In Argentina

Companies are aware of the need and usability of mobile apps. Hence, the momentum for mobile app development is skyrocketing. In terms of development, the most demanded mobile apps in organizations have to do with:

  • Productivity apps, which allow access to global data and reports. With this data, it is curious to highlight the apps for customer support or attention.
  • Operations apps, which facilitate meetings during working hours or reserving certain workspaces for meetings.
  • Management apps: for command profiles or for management.

Important Features Of Mobile App Development

Everyone knows simple apps that provide little information. These can be created quickly. If companies have complex apps created, this can easily reach several hundred working hours. Mobile applications often contain one or more of the following components.

User Login

There are many benefits to having a user log in to your platform. On the one hand, confidential information can also be displayed, and on the other hand, this enables clear identification. Logging in is traditionally done with an email address and password, but concepts such as social media login are modern. This can then be used to create personalized profiles.

Push Notifications

The turnover to be achieved depends largely on the interactions within the app. The more often the application is used, the more it pays off for companies that have apps developed. The real-time information shows the user important information. Different message types can be integrated here. The programming effort ultimately also depends on this.


The user experience is the most important element. Only intuitive navigation ensures satisfied users. Companies that have an app built should rely on a team of experts. Because they can contribute a lot of know-how and experience. There are also some actions available for programming this component.


Along with the navigation, the design should be appealing. It is important here that the design expert implements the horizontal as well as the vertical view. Depending on the content, one or the other view is suitable. For companies that have an app made, the corporate design should also be used.

Integration Of Additional Services

A smartphone takes on many tasks today. The device can also be used as a wallet, navigation device and camera. Google Maps and Google Pay can be perfectly integrated and thus create another advantage for the user.

In the customer area, the integration of chat services and messenger services is ideal. This allows users to get in direct contact with their advisors or to share content with friends and acquaintances. This approach increases the reach and loyalty enormously.


Advertising within the apps is a popular means of making money. Companies that have an app developed often allow a free version with advertisement and a paid premium version without any advertisement. This allows different interests to be served.

Mobile applications can be designed with any complexity. The more the integrated functions, the greater the expected benefit. At the same time, not all companies have the necessary skills to implement such a project. Then external development agencies such as Hyperlink InfoSystem are required.

Contact Hyperlink InfoSystem For Your Mobile App Development In Argentina

If companies want to have an app developed, they must always be able to react flexibly. Our teams can easily be expanded when new skills are required. At the same time, we make it possible to reduce the team when the workload drops. This means that our customers always pay exactly what they need.

We have access to a large pool of talent. Our specialists are well trained, they use the latest working methods, and they are highly motivated. Based on our experience with over 100 international customers, we know exactly what is important in complex projects.

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