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Hyperlink InfoSystem will accompany you from the app idea to the publication and possible marketing in the app store. 

We specialize in Native app development & app programming for Apple iOS (iPhone), Apple iPadOS, Apple watchOS, Apple tvOS (Apple TV) and other platforms (Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, web app (web-based apps), etc.). 

We develop your idea for an individual app and support you in the marketing of your app.

App Development in Brooklyn, NY 

Most apps are mostly used by consumers. However, with the spread of smartphones and tablets in companies, apps are also becoming an issue for business purposes. In addition to standard software, individual development can also be considered.

An app is developed in several phases. First there is the idea and there is marketing at the end. There is the professional programming of the app for mobile devices in between. Usually, an app is created in a brainstorming session. But it can also be sketched out on a notepad spontaneously while taking a walk. The spontaneous ideas usually result in innovative solutions. The conception as well as the design is produced in close consultation with the client. Hyperlink InfoSystem already work with many companies from a wide variety of industries. We also support you with the introduction of your app on the market. 

Some of Our Tools Used in Developing Cross Platform App

Framework 7

This tool allows you to create hybrid applications using the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript programming language with a lower learning curve. Still, it also allows you to develop mobile applications with VUE.JS or React. 

Despite the fact that Framework 7 is not one of the best-known technologies, it has the advantage that it is an independent tool and therefore, there are no external dependencies on frameworks. 

Finally, it is important to comment that its design section is similar to the Ionic technology since it provides a design adjusted to those established by the iOS and Android design depending on which platform it is run for, allowing a good user interface.


Ionic is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows, like PhoneGap, creating hybrid applications. That is, it is possible to create applications for mobile devices for iOS, Android and web applications using the same code and guaranteeing that they always work in the latest versions of operating systems. 

The main advantage that this tool offers is that it allows the application of multiple devices from a single development and therefore from a single source code. This reduces the delivery time of applications on multiple platforms, thus improving productivity, application profitability and the user experience. 

Ionic was created using the previously discussed Angular technology as a base. Even so, currently, this technology provides support for the development of mobile applications relying on the main frameworks. Finally, it is also important to note that Iconic facilitates software maintenance by simplifying and reducing cost.


This technology belongs to Adobe Systems and allows you to create hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web technology. These offer the ability to develop creative applications with very good results. It uses a programming interface that allows access to different hardware elements such as the camera, or storage.

One of the main features that differentiate this technology from others is that it has access to the Adobe Creative Cloud compilation service in the cloud. On the other hand, PhoneGap is in charge of integrating into the mobile operating system and providing access to services. 

Importantly, it is a technology for creating simple applications, on controlled devices and with affordable performance. 


This tool allows you to develop mobile apps similar to native applications in different operating systems. It uses JavaScript but the tool itself takes care of automatically translating the programming to the other systems. 

This technology has cloud services and facilitates the development of applications interconnected with the software and hardware, thus allowing the use of the microphone, the camera or even the GPS. 


Currently, Angular is one of the most used frameworks due to the support of Google making it a very powerful, safe and reliable technology that has the support of a large community. 

It is a tool that facilitates the creation of modern applications such as Single Page Application. In this way, it guarantees a much faster interaction since all web development is loaded in the client's own browser. 

Angular provides flexibility, versatility and above all a speed in development since it allows creating reusable and easy-to-use modules. Finally, it is also important to note that thanks to the framework used by this tool, it is possible to develop fast applications compared to others made with other tools. 

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Building Your Brand

A mobile application can help increase your brand awareness and image. A simple app in the app store that is then installed on a device can help increase visibility. Once the app is installed, the person will see your icon repeatedly when using their smartphone - even if they scroll past it to use another app. Apps also allow a bespoke user interface with some effects that are not possible on a website.

Engage With Your Customers

Apps can help you with customer loyalty. For retail and consumer stores, a loyalty program is an example of a feature a mobile app can provide. This can be entirely digital and can help encourage repeat purchases or encourage users to try something different. Messaging is another example of how you can get in touch with customers - and of course how they can get in touch with your company.

Personalization Of The Offer

Mobile apps enable detailed personalization. This can enable direct marketing tailored to the individual needs of the user. This can be achieved through in-app personalization, whereby suitable push notifications can also be used. In addition, analytics can be created to determine which parts of your app are used the most and to facilitate future decisions.

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