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The mobile app development market in Christchurch is highly competitive. However, it is essential to get it right when developing mobile app. You should consider the development cost, time and effort that will go into it. A top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you ensure that you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The global e-commerce market continues to grow rapidly, and not just on online shop websites. More and more consumers are ordering via their mobile smartphone. The app as a new sales channel is becoming increasingly important and is now mandatory for every successful online retailer. Top mobile app development agency in Christchurch such as Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you with the development of a top mobile app.

Why You Should Develop Mobile App With Us At Hyperlink InfoSystem in Christchurch

Client-centric Development

We follow a holistic approach towards delivering exceptional services to our clients who seek an excellent web and mobile app development. We develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Agile Development

Our Agile methodology is based on a simple principle: planning the entire project down to the smallest detail. Organizing all aspects of our project ensures that we do not just deliver our projects before deadlines, but also, they are well tested.

Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated development team will work full-time on your project or participate according to your schedule requirements. Our team consists of experts from the areas of project management, front-end and back-end development as well as UI and UX development.

Excellent Support

Our clients love us because of the support we offer even after the deployment of our solutions. Our development team support, maintain and improve our solutions.

Data Backups

We generate a copy of the data taken from our apps and store them elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Data Protection

We manage the users’ data professionally following the guidelines of the different app platforms and the regulations of the government.

Benefits of Ecommerce Apps

With your own e-commerce app, you can measurably increase your reach as an online retailer. The creation of an app has other advantages. Here are the most important advantages that e-commerce brings with it.

Loyal Customer Base

With your own e-commerce app, you strengthen the bond with your existing customers. Your customers will remember you better because you are always available on the display of your mobile phone. A brand loyalty arises between your internet shop and the customer. Customers stay loyal to you and your app, which means they'll buy from you more often. This works so well with its own e-commerce app, as exclusive discounts and promotions can be offered there. With the help of push notifications, current offers can be communicated to the customer's smartphone. In addition, a personalized user experience with adapted product overviews, filters and personalized content will encourage customers to buy. Brand loyalty is particularly important because around 68% of online shoppers who shop using their smartphone prefer to shop online using an app from their favorite brand. With your own shopping app, you can strengthen user loyalty and customer loyalty to your brand.

High Quality

An e-commerce app can do a lot better than a conventional online shop. The performance of an app is usually better than that of a website. With faster loading times, you prevent customers from dropping out. If the pages of your online shop load for more than 3 seconds, many customers switch to another, faster shop. In online shops, a long waiting time is particularly annoying, as each product page has to be reloaded and this can result in a lot of waiting time. With an e-commerce app, you can present your products faster, more interestingly and more customer-friendly. It is also possible to make the content of your app available offline. Customers can access the basic functions of your shop even without an internet connection and, for example, search for and view products.

Modern Marketing

With your own app for your online shop, there are many new possibilities for strong and modern marketing strategies. Push notifications are a well-known strategy to keep the user in mind and to place personalized advertising on their mobile phone. With individual messages, you can ideally reach customers with the right words and at the right time. For example, if a user has searched for backpacks in your app, send them offers for backpacks in your online shop in the evening when they have time. If you have the time for push notifications, choosing the right one is a proven way to increase your sales. But very modern and technically complex marketing strategies can also be implemented with an app. It is thus possible for customers to "put on" clothes via augmented reality. The user's body is scanned using the camera in the mobile phone and the clothes are projected onto it. The customer can take photos of these and share them on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Another innovative marketing strategy includes completing the user's existing outfits. The user can upload pictures of their current outfits and an AI (artificial intelligence) suggests suitable products that complete the outfit. The customer receives individual fashion advice and you increase your sales.

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