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Improve The Efficiency of Your Sale Steam With a Mobile App

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An app has many advantages to simplify the daily missions of your sales representatives, distributors, and resellers. It is a very fast solution and can work without an internet connection. Unlike mobile websites, applications specially developed for iPhone and Android respond to requests much more quickly and can be used offline.

The mobile application perfectly meets your needs. The work done upstream allows you to shape your app according to your needs: graphics, ergonomics, techniques.
It adapts to different media. There is an ease of use for your sales representatives who can use it on smartphones and tablets and it can be beneficial for your end customers directly.

The tool is in your colors, it represents your image and creates a climate of trust and quality. It reassures the customer that you are serious. When you hire a mobile application development agency, you make the choice to get a final product that meets your desires and especially your specific needs. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top mobile app development agency in Cincinnati.

Use Application With Your Customers

  • Its use aims to simplify the customer relationship and optimize the actions of your salespeople. It also reduces time-consuming activities.
  • The mobile application can quickly become essential. It is used in performing concreate tasks, such as:
  • Demonstrating your products directly on digital media, without latency.
  • Giving access to your entire catalog with a single click.
  • Editing a quote in a simple and efficient way.
  • Entering the customer's contact details directly into a database for better prospecting monitoring.
  • Avoiding long reports for salespeople for sales follow-up. All information are entered and all operations are recorded on a server. The manager can access it from a web dashboard.

Application Integration

The integration of applications is a concept used to refer to the direct connection that is used to join two or more systems and thus be able to establish communication between the different applications that the company uses. 

The integration of applications can be considered within your company to optimize the work of employees. Integrating your app with another app will help your business offer more possibilities of use and improve customer service.

Advantages of Integrating Your App With Other Applications

Increase Customer Experience

One of the benefits you will get from integrating your IT platform with other solutions will be the substantial improvement of the customer experience. Offering integration with another app in your app, for example with GPS navigation apps, banking apps, or health apps, provides important value. Expanding the actions that your app allows to carry out is highly relevant for the user experience.

Internal Management Optimization

Another of the most important advantages is that the integration of applications in companies allows optimizing work and internal management. This is due to the positive impact that these types of applications have on the way a company is managed and controlled.

Improves Coordination

As a result of the optimization of management, coordination between workers and between the different projects that the same company can manage is improved. This is because the different apps allow you to have a large amount of information about products, customers and the work team, so that the different departments can be coordinated to work more effectively and increase productivity.

Cost Reduction

The implementation of the integration of technologies also allows reducing costs within the company. The integration of applications enables the development of new products and services depending on where they can be implemented.

The Main Features of a Mobile Application

Depending on the type of mobile application, the project requires the integration of different features. Depending on the popularity and inventiveness of the features, the time spent by the developer will be proportional to the price of the mobile application.

Registration, Login, Forgotten Password

This functionality is one of the basics of the mobile application since the user must be registered to access the online service.

Profile Management

This is the logical continuation of registration, all the more so in a post-GDPR era (general data protection regulation).


The smartphone being by definition an augmented mobile device, many services require the user's location.


The discussion between users is a feature present in a lot of projects.


Payment is at the heart of the economic model of the mobile application. Depending on the type of activity, several payment methods are possible and compliant, ranging from the native payment system managed by Google and Apple to alternative payment solutions.

A mobile application for salespeople is an excellent way to make their work easier: nomadic, ergonomic and usable in any situation, it is a real everyday tool that you offer them. On the other hand, it must be easy to use and meet user needs. If you want to develop a mobile application for your business, you should contact a top mobile app development agency in Cincinnati such as Hyperlink InfoSystem.

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