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top mobile app development company in edmonton

From initial consultation to developing and deploying mobile applications, Hyperlink InfoSystem will work with your IT and business managers as a partner to help you plan and execute your business mobile app strategy. Our mobile solutions tailored to your needs can help you speed up your projects and achieve your goals.

Developing mobile app is essential for all businesses. Mobility is transforming your relationship with your customers and employees. Invest in your future by engaging your audience with a great mobile experience. Capture your market share and unlock the growth potential of your business. Contact a top mobile app development agency in Edmonton to develop an excellent app to gain an edge over your competitors.

You Need And Efficient Mobile Strategy

Hyperlink InfoSystem will get to know your business, your goals, your products and services. You'll tell us where you want to go, and we'll help you define a mobile transformation plan to deliver the intended business results.

Set Your Business Goals

We'll help you develop your mobile vision and goals, assess challenges and risks, choose the right tools and applications, build a business case and proof of concept, and plan every step of your transition to becoming a business. mobile.

Define The Roadmap

We will work together to understand your business objectives, identify your target audiences and the desired user experience, and develop a mobile technology that will exceed your expectations.

Planning The Implementation

To achieve your long-term goals, you just need to identify the steps and deliver the short-term priorities. We recommend an iterative approach that validates assumptions, which avoids unpleasant surprises. A proof of concept (POC) is a great way to quickly assess the design and start the journey.

Our developers in Edmonton at Hyperlink InfoSystem will carry out detailed analysis of the app and ensure that the user experience is optimized.

Optimize Your Business Processes

We can increase productivity by enabling real-time data entry on mobile app through live approval, while reducing barriers to collaboration. We can identify, automate or eliminate your heavy business processes. Mobile apps for business are becoming the norm as well as a best practice. Contact a top mobile app development company in Edmonton Today.

  • Connect to your ERP: Our mobility experts will work with your team to integrate mobile technology into your current processes, workflows and systems, while taking your key success factors such as appropriate technologies, governance framework and security measures into account.
  • Simplify the entry of timesheets and expenses: By using a mobile app for faster, up-to-date time and expense sheet capture, you can increase reporting of billable hours, improve your cost tracking, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Equip your sales and service staff in the field: You will be able to deliver and receive secure, real-time critical data using mobile apps - anytime, anywhere, with anyone and on any mobile device. You will see a rapid impact on your bottom line and on increasing customer satisfaction.

Boost Your Customer Service

To support your value-driven organization in this time of change, we'll help you innovate and transform the way you interact with your customers by leveraging mobile apps to serve them better. Early adopters have already launched apps to increase customer loyalty and sales through offers based on geographic coordinates. They also provide e-commerce and mobile payments.

  • Make it easier to do business with you: Impress your customers with apps to offer unparalleled personalized support and easy-to-use self-service tools.
  • Provide valuable information instantly: Use mobile apps to make general information, prices, booking forms, search functions, user accounts, news feeds, and more available to your customers.
  • Improve customer engagement: You can facilitate interaction with your business 24/7 from anywhere. Quickly transform your customers into brand ambassadors by providing them with an enhanced user experience.

Cost Of Mobile App Development

The development cost of a mobile application depends on a number of factors. Such factors include:

  • The project complexity
  • The platform (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • The range of functions
  • The type of app (native, hybrid, web app, game app)
  • The user interface, UI/UX design
  • The infrastructure

If companies want to create a company app, it must meet certain security requirements. In addition, modern technologies should be used. These aspects increase the price, because the functions have to be extensively tested.

The more functions there are, the longer the development time and the higher the costs for the programmer. If different platforms are also to be served, parts of the application must be programmed twice. Extensive functions, a good security concept and elaborate UI lead to prices of around $150,000.

When developers create a native app, many elements of the operating system can be used. The user interface can be designed in an appealing way and the app can be operated intuitively. At the same time, this type of programming is complex and the price rises.

That is why there are different answers when it comes to the question “How much does it cost to create an app.

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