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top mobile app development company in egypt

When companies create an app, they usually want to reach a broad audience. In the best-case scenario, gamers can increase their success within the game world and thus always have a great time in the game. In our experience, Free2Play games are much more successful with in-app purchases, as the entry barrier is relatively low. In addition, there is a regular flow of money here. The situation is different from games that require a one-time purchase fee. The price mustn't be too high here, unless the game is already known.

When companies create a game app, the Free2Play model is usually more suitable. It can be used to create mobile games for Android and iOS. It is important to decide on the right platform beforehand. Android has a broad user base, which means there are many potential customers. iOS has the advantage that customers, on average, spend more money on applications. The choice of operating system always depends on the game itself. The following genres and types can be a helpful basis for decision-making when companies have mobile phone games developed. Hyperlink Infosystem is a leading mobile app development agency in Egypt.

The Kind Of Games To Develop

Depending on the target group, different Android games or iOS games can be developed. With the appropriate frameworks, a developer can quickly program a Unity app. The most important genres include action, strategy, simulation and adventure games. Game programmers usually know their way around several areas, so companies do not have to commit themselves to one area when choosing an employee. The following types are often based on an entertaining gameplay that is not too complex.

Much more time-consuming and accordingly more expensive to create are:

  • Role-playing games: These create virtual worlds in which the player is given their own character.
  • Social Games: These apps are similar to the principle of browser games and are mostly used on social platforms such as Facebook. Personal data can be processed here.
  • Corporate games: This type of game is all about improving work performance and team cohesion in a playful way.

Working with other gamers requires sophisticated technology in the backend. When companies develop a game app, the costs depend on the type and other factors.

The Cost Of A Game App

The total costs of a digital application and mobile games depend largely on the personnel costs. In addition, there are low expenses for equipment, licenses for the use of certain software and the creation of the storyline. The target system, iOS or Android, is also important in order to have the games app developed to determine costs.

The average salary of an Android developer is around $49,900. This means that companies have almost 170 working hours available for the monthly costs of $4,000. In addition, there are social security contributions and other costs for office equipment. The total expenditure is therefore an average of $6,000 per month if you create a game app.

In general, the cost of a game app depends on:

  • Platform (iOS or Android)
  • Graphic
  • Control system
  • Connection to other systems
  • Social integrations, chat, user account, data usage
  • Interaction with other players, especially the necessary backend
  • Billing of in-app purchases

iOS game developers earn an average of $51,300 more. The necessary equipment is similar, but the license fees for the Apple platform are slightly higher. If the developers program an iOS game, then their own development environment may be necessary.

If companies have games developed for apps, then spending can be massively reduced by making skillful use of globalization. There are many game developers available abroad who deliver the best work results, can get on board immediately and are less of a burden on finances.

Fields To Consider When Developing Mobile App

This is usually the first question that the developers ask the clients before the creation of the mobile app. This allows them to begin to identify the project and then ask the right questions. It is difficult for a mobile application developer to ask the right questions when the project direction remains too vague. Vague answers unfortunately lead to vague questions and vague prices.


The marketplace is aptly named since it deals with connecting audiences in a mobile application. The mobile application plays the role of intermediary.


Launching a mobile application in the e-commerce sector seems mandatory when your e-commerce website is profitable and your statistics on google analytics indicate a strong mobile audience. It is therefore time to find out about the cost of creating and developing your mobile application to build customer loyalty and to support the growth of your digital activity. The price of the mobile application is a calculation between the forecast turnover and the expected return on investment.

Social Network

The most popular mobile applications are social media type mobile applications. The very essence of their concepts is to promote the social bond between individuals. Share your adventures, emotions, meet, and discuss. Many concepts have been tested and some have survived to become digital giants. In recent years, very few new players have succeeded in a sector with enormous dominance.


Utility-type mobile applications are mobile applications that still have a bright future because they cover as many uses as businesses, niches, existing micro markets. These are applications that are an extension of existing services that attempt to migrate from their older state to a digital state. The term digital transformation finds all its meaning here.

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