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The Digital Transformation Technologies For Your Business

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Hyperlink InfoSystem has many years of experience of creating applications that allow new business models or improve existing ones. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we help you deliver innovative and technically complex application projects, using the latest web and mobile application development technologies.

Whether you are a “start-up” or an industrialist, the preparatory phase of a digital project is not only important but decisive for the future. If you do not have the in-house skills to carry out the feasibility study, the specifications and more generally the pre-project phase, Hyperlink InfoSystem has a dedicated service. 

The App: A Strategic Solution That Is Part of a Global Vision

Why talk about a project or digital transformation and not a mobile app directly? On the one hand, because some of our customers did not even imagine that a mobile app is the solution to their digital transformation needs.

On the other hand, projects very often enter into a more complex framework than a “simple” mobile app responding to an isolated need of an activity. Sometimes you have to review an entire IS (information system) and integrate the process into a global digital strategy of the company. For example, take the opportunity to design or redesign a website or an intranet that will work with the same databases as the mobile application.

To avoid errors and unnecessary expenses if you are in this type of reflection, it is better to carry out a consulting phase beforehand. This is to effectively integrate (if the final need is confirmed) the mobile project in a global digital transformation process.

Develop The Mobile Application Project: Integrate Efficiently And Without Disrupting

The development of the mobile application is only the tip of the iceberg. You also have to think about the web management tool, secure databases, links with your IS or your existing software. In the case of applications intended to reach a specific external target, we must also think about the promotion of the app, interactions with social networks etc. (not to mention all the financial aspects)

Depending on your project (business application, B2B or general public), several of these points are essential and they depend on each project, your objectives and your resources.

Hyperlink InfoSystem can intervene for a project within the framework of a digital transformation. Our teams also intervene when it is necessary to integrate the mobile project into an existing information system anchored in your structure. 

Support: The Key To The Success Of Your App Project

Above all, you have to ask yourself the right questions in order to make well-considered and calibrated decisions, in order to ultimately obtain the product that exactly meets your expectations.

Hyperlink InfoSystem offers turnkey support independent of the development of the mobile application. This service goes from the audit of the existing to the design of specifications that may or may not be accompanied by mockups (functional model) and a model (graphics). This concrete phase and its deliverables also allow project leaders to have what is necessary for their search for funding or hierarchical validation.

The Digital Transformation Technologies For Your Business

The most important trends and changes that will be experienced in the field of design and development of apps are:


Another consequence of digitization is the need to work with multi-cloud systems, that is, with more than one software as a service (SAAS) to avoid any failure. Since 2019, the multi-cloud strategy has been implemented by many companies but it has not been until this year and next that it will be one of the main options.

Native App Development

The development of native applications will be a great trend since they allow us to offer consumers a better experience and great performance which are two fundamental aspects in the development of applications. It is important to note that native apps are those that are developed with the official Apple and Google development tools.


ECommerce is already part of our day to day. Numerous changes have been introduced in the services they offer during the pandemic. Among them is the incorporation of new technologies in order to personalize the search and thus offer a better shopping experience. It intends to give the user a simpler and faster purchasing process.

Voice Assistants

New ways to interact will be sought and to achieve this, the use of digital voice assistants in the development of mobile applications will be promoted. Through these, not only can you interact, but you can also establish a more emotional relationship with users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of different algorithms with the aim of creating machines that simulate the same capabilities of the human being. For years, this new technology has been present for many companies but it is expected that 2021 will be the year in which it will be consolidated, since it will be applied to different types of information including images, videos and voice. 

With the growth of AI, it is intended to improve the customer experience again through new experiences and new advertising actions with which to connect with the public.


Big Data and data analysis will continue to be a very important factor in 2021 and therefore, cybersecurity has become the priority for many companies. Companies have digitized a large part of their processes and this has generated the need to protect data since it is one of the most important business assets. 

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