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Mostly mobile applications are created for leisure or business. The first group includes all possible games, programs for music and video, programs for communication, etc. Business applications help you solve certain problems. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top mobile app development agency in Huntsville.

Today, the share of mobile Internet and the number of users of mobile devices is growing steadily. Such growth is quite logical - now everyone is striving for maximum comfort in all areas of life. It is smartphones and tablets that help achieve this comfort. However, smartphones are so useful and convenient precisely because of mobile applications.

Internet Business

For online business, the mobile app is the right hand. This is a channel for communication with customers and partners, the ability to hold promotions, present videos, etc. The development of mobile applications allows you to sell goods or services, even while at home, while your customers are thousands of kilometers away from you or even in another country.


The media also needs mobile applications. Media companies have already realized that mobile apps allow them to work faster and more efficiently. In addition, mobile applications allow users to keep abreast of news, sports, culture quickly and firsthand. Today, mobile solutions are an essential business tool for media companies.

Advertising Campaigns And Promotions

This paragraph applies to almost all branches of business. Promotions and discounts work very effectively in mobile applications. Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow business people to speak directly to their audience. With the help of mobile applications, you can offer your customers new products, inform them about discounts, manage discount programs, and so on. Mobile apps are a completely new and innovative sales channel.

Develop Native And Web Apps For Your Business

When it comes to developing a mobile app for Android or iOS, the programmers have a choice. You can develop a separate app for both systems or you can use the advantages of a web-based app. Both variants offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Web Apps

A web app is a specially programmed website. This can be called up on any device with a browser and adapts to the environment. Developers and companies only have to develop an app once, but it still works on almost every device. This means that the cost of app development can be massively reduced. At the same time, more users who can use the app and its functions are reached. Another cost reduction is the elimination of the commission in the Google or Apple app stores. When developers program an app, sales and marketing cost extra. At the same time, app development costs are saved due to the simplicity.

In order to develop web apps, developers need knowledge of HTML5 and other web technologies. However, HTML5 has the advantage of offline storage. This means that an app that has already been loaded can also be used without an internet connection. Web apps are also found with a Google search and can be used directly without additional installation. A shortcut on the home screen as a bookmark replaces the conventional app icon.

While web apps can be published quickly, there are some drawbacks. Certain hardware functions cannot be used and access to sensors is restricted. In addition, push notifications can only be implemented to a limited extent if developers program the app. Web apps reach their limits with larger calculations, high storage space requirements or the display of 3D. Native apps can be used better here.

Develop Native Apps

Native apps are developed for one operating system. This only works on a few devices and must be adapted for every other OS. The cost of a native app is a bit higher, especially if Android and iOS are to be supported.

The advantage of native apps lies in their performance. Complex tasks and high-performance processes are processed quickly. In addition, all sensors and hardware elements can be integrated into the app. Native apps are more suitable when a lot of data is stored and processed, as there is no limit to the memory. If the app convinces many users, the reviews in the app stores can generate new users.

For a low cost, developers should create an app from a website and later develop the native applications.

Advantages Of Integrating Your App With Other Applications

  • Increase customer experience: One of the benefits you will get from integrating your IT platform with other solutions will be the substantial improvement of the customer experience. Offering integration with another app in your app, for example with GPS navigation apps, banking apps, or health apps, provides important value. Expanding the actions that your app allows to carry out is highly relevant for the user experience.
  • Internal management optimization: Another of the most important advantages is that the integration of applications in companies allows optimizing work and internal management. This is due to the positive impact that these types of applications have on the way a company is managed and controlled.
  • Improves coordination: As a result of the optimization of management, coordination between workers and between the different projects that the same company can manage is improved. This is because the different apps allow you to have a large amount of information about products, customers and the work team, so that the different departments can be coordinated to work more effectively and increase productivity.
  • Cost reduction: The implementation of the integration of technologies also allows reducing costs within the company. The integration of applications enables the development of new products and services depending on where they can be implemented.

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