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Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading mobile app development agency in Jacksonville. We can help you develop the tailor-made app that will be perfectly suited to the requirements of your business. The quality of an app is a major determinant of its success. Our developers focus on delivering an excellent solution that exceeds the imagination of our clients. We first understand the needs of our clients and develop solutions that are perfect for them.

The consequences of the pandemic will not be the same for each industry and it will be necessary to draw up a different development plan for each one, to create innovative business models. 

Citizens are experiencing another work model, since a large part of companies have adopted remote working. Technology has gained greater importance in our day-to-day life. From a business point of view, companies will opt for a digital world and therefore, the development of new business models through technology will be encouraged.

The most important trends and changes that will be experienced in the field of design and development of apps are:

Native App Development

The development of native applications will be a great trend since they allow us to offer consumers a better experience and great performance which are two fundamental aspects in the development of applications. It is important to note that native apps are those that are developed with the official Apple and Google development tools.


ECommerce is already essential for our existence. Numerous changes have been introduced in the services they offer during the pandemic. Among them is the incorporation of new technologies in order to personalize the search and thus offer a better shopping experience. It intends to give the user a simpler and faster purchasing process.

Voice Assistants

New ways to interact will be sought and to achieve this, the use of digital voice assistants in the development of mobile applications will be promoted. Through these, not only can you interact, but you can also establish a more emotional relationship with users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of different algorithms with the aim of creating machines that simulate the same capabilities of the human being. For years, this new technology has been present for many companies but it is expected that 2021 will be the year in which it will be consolidated, since it will be applied to different types of information including images, videos and voice. 
With the growth of AI, it is intended to improve the customer experience again through new experiences and new advertising actions with which to connect with the public.


Big Data and data analysis will continue to be a very important factor in 2021 and therefore, cybersecurity has become the priority for many companies. Companies have digitized a large part of their processes and this has generated the need to protect data since it is one of the most important business assets. 


Another consequence of digitization is the need to work with multi-cloud systems, that is, with more than one software as a service (SAAS) to avoid any failure. Since 2019, the multi-cloud strategy has been implemented by many companies but it has not been until this year and next that it will be one of the main options.

The Recommended App Type To Develop

When companies create a native app, there are many advantages in terms of performance. Above all, apps that process a lot of data at the same time benefit from the APIs provided. This gives developers direct access to the smartphone's resources. It is important that the price depends heavily on how many platforms are to be supported. Developers have to create their own application for each operating system because the environment is different. In addition, the effort for updates and customer support increases. With this model, significantly more end devices have to be supported and tested. If customers want to create their own app for iOS or only for Android, then this approach is well suited. 

If companies want to create an app for many different devices that even works on a tablet or desktop PC, then hybrid or web apps are the answer the ideal way. These applications work with any browser or through a small framework that is made available in every app store. The actual processing takes place on the provider's server. The advantages lie in the simple provision for every user. At the same time, the costs for maintenance and updates can be kept low, since only one development code is created. However, the resources of the end devices cannot be used optimally. Compute-intensive apps should not be designed as web apps. In addition, the UI does not adapt seamlessly to the underlying operating system, the user experience could suffer due to the “foreign” design. 

Very simple apps are usually only used in the private sector and contain almost no functions. Mostly only information can be displayed with it. These can be measured values or data from the smart home. Such apps are inexpensive to program, but can hardly be found in the popular app stores. 

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