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At Hyperlink InfoSystem, our primary objective is to be able to participate in the digital transformation processes of companies and improve their productivity through the latest technological innovations on the market based on their particular needs. We are a leading mobile app development agency in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The digital transformation of your business processes is not complicated with the help of a top mobile app development agency. This is because it is not necessary to achieve a brutal transformation of your work tool. This is the whole point of a tailor-made mobile application: we start by developing a feature and the rest is done naturally according to changes and your expectations. It is an agile method, a step-by-step development.

The Digital Transformation Technologies For Your Business

The most important trends and changes that will be experienced in the field of design and development of apps are:


Another consequence of digitization is the need to work with multi-cloud systems, that is, with more than one software as a service (SAAS) to avoid any failure. Since 2019, the multi-cloud strategy has been implemented by many companies but it has not been until this year and next that it will be one of the main options.

Native App Development

The development of native applications will be a great trend since they allow us to offer consumers a better experience and great performance which are two fundamental aspects in the development of applications. It is important to note that native apps are those that are developed with the official Apple and Google development tools.


ECommerce is already part of our day to day. Numerous changes have been introduced in the services they offer during the pandemic. Among them is the incorporation of new technologies in order to personalize the search and thus offer a better shopping experience. It intends to give the user a simpler and faster purchasing process.

Voice Assistants

New ways to interact will be sought and to achieve this, the use of digital voice assistants in the development of mobile applications will be promoted. Through these, not only can you interact, but you can also establish a more emotional relationship with users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of different algorithms with the aim of creating machines that simulate the same capabilities of the human being. For years, this new technology has been present for many companies but it is expected that 2021 will be the year in which it will be consolidated, since it will be applied to different types of information including images, videos and voice. 

With the growth of AI, it is intended to improve the customer experience again through new experiences and new advertising actions with which to connect with the public.


Big Data and data analysis will continue to be a very important factor in 2021 and therefore, cybersecurity has become the priority for many companies. Companies have digitized a large part of their processes and this has generated the need to protect data since it is one of the most important business assets. 

Some Advantages of Mobile App Development With Hyperlink InfoSystem

Better User Experience (UX)

With more than 5 billion smartphone users worldwide and a penetration rate of 67%, your customers are connecting daily and for longer periods from their mobile devices. You should take advantage of mobile app development to offer your users a better user experience to the optimizations offered by mobile applications in terms of ergonomics and loading times.

A New Communication Channel

While it is true that responsive websites could be described as the best alternative to mobile applications, the latter offer irreproachable ergonomics and ease of use. Indeed, the applications are adapted to each mobile operating system (iOS and Android), which facilitates access to information and thus makes this channel essential to any digital strategy.

Improve Customer Loyalty

The significant advantage of mobile applications lies in the possibility of sending notifications. Push notifications boost the attractiveness of the brand since they make it easier to inform, interact and communicate about their latest offers, but also to build customer loyalty in a “user friendly” environment.

Integrate a Multitude of Features

Mobile applications offer new functions that can serve your digital strategy. Indeed, a mobile application can use the GPS, push notification, camera and so on.

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