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top mobile app development company in philadelphia

Today, it is essential for almost every business to integrate the use of mobile app into their business processes. Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the leading mobile app development agencies in Philadelphia.

Every company today offers a corresponding mobile app for its customers, there is an app for every desired function and every smartphone owner has at least 5 apps installed. Mobile applications seem to be becoming more and more popular and can cover more and more functions, which is why companies want to have an app developed for each area. Therefore, you should also think about developing a corresponding app for your company that provides added value for your customers.

Reasons To Contact Hyperlink InfoSystem For Your Mobile App Development

Agile Development

Our Agile methodology is based on a simple principle: planning the entire project down to the smallest detail. Organizing all aspects of our project ensures that we do not just deliver our projects before deadlines, but also, they are well tested.

Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated development team will work full-time on your project or participate according to your schedule requirements. Our team consists of experts from the areas of project management, front-end and back-end development as well as UI and UX development.

Excellent Support

Our clients love us because of the support we offer even after the deployment of our solutions. Our development team support, maintain and improve our solutions.

Data Backups

We generate a copy of the data taken from our apps and store them elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

The Right Type Of Mobile App For You

A native app is an application that has been specially developed for an operating system by app developers. For this purpose, appropriate app developers who can create iOS and Android apps are hired. After the application has been developed for the respective system, maintenance and further development must always be carried out for each app. Native development is the best way to use all the functions of the operating system and create an app with high performance.

Another option is mobile development in the form of native app development, for which companies also need to find app developers. Only a basic framework is specially adapted to the different operating systems, the actual app with all functions is executed in the background as a web app. This is basically just a website that is presented as an app and integrates other native functions of the operating system. The developer can manage the source code centrally, which is the difference between a native vs. a web app. Web apps can only be called up in the browser and usually cannot access integrated functions of the system, such as the fingerprint sensor or the camera.

iOS development requires extensive knowledge of the Swift programming language. In addition, basic knowledge of design and menu navigation within the app is a great advantage. The same applies to native programming for Android.

Hybrid apps developers should also have knowledge of iOS and Android. However, the app developers should concentrate on the development of the core functions and only know the adjustments to the respective system. In order to find and hire the right app developer, you must first be aware of which of the options for implementing your app idea is right for you.

Android Developer Salary

The salaries of mobile developers differ depending on the operating system, experience and the country in which they are based. According to PayScale, salaries for Android programmers are between $45,000 and $65,000. Specialists can also earn significantly more, but they are outside the average.

iOS Developer Salary

For iOS, the average salaries of mobile app developers are slightly higher, as apps can be monetized more easily and quickly on this platform. This is due on the one hand to the higher purchasing power of iOS users and to the purchasing behavior of users who are more quickly prepared to spend money on applications. The salary of app development for beginners is around $48,000.

iOS And Android App Programmer Salary Differences

In addition to the place of employment and the company headquarters, the salary depends on other factors. Android app developers and programmers for iOS receive salaries that are influenced by their personal skills. Productive employees who can be used in a variety of ways earn more with app development than inexperienced career starters.

An important aspect for the salary is the degree. If developers have little professional experience, master's graduates receive a salary that is only paid after more than three years in the case of an internship. Even if completing a specialist training course leads to more practical experience, university graduates are better paid. As a rule, developers with a bachelor's or master's degree can solve more complex tasks and work more independently if they develop an app.

After developers have worked in their profession for a few years, the annual salary increases. After eight years in the job, developers get an average of 50% more. This also depends on the training courses attended and the specialization.

The salaries for app developers also depend on the particular industry in which app developers are wanted. Developers therefore earn more in traditionally high-paying areas. These include banking, medicine and mechanical engineering.

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