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The digital age has caught up with us and our daily activities have radically changed. This has been possible thanks to the rapid access we have to all kinds of information, the essentials of technologies in our lives and also the applications we download on our smartphones.

Now, mobile applications allow us to make bank transfers, buy tickets at the cinema, listen to music, communicate through many social networks, use GPS, watch movies from our mobile, find the perfect partner, learn other languages, do exercises and they even tell us the ideal time to drink water; all this are achieved thanks to mobile app development aimed at almost all our needs. The development of mobile app in Plano has become easy as a result of the presence of top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. 

Companies always strive to offer customers the best possible experience, regardless of the industry. Since more and more people are using the smartphone to make everyday life easier, it is advisable to provide an app. This means that users can benefit directly from a company's offer. Companies should act now and bring an app to market. An external IT service provider can do this to ensure high quality. The cost of mobile app development depends on the scope, the operating system, the additional licenses required and other factors such as the target market or the supply of updates.

The costs of having an app developed are so high because the developers need many hours of work for the various functions. Not every standard function has to be developed separately, because frameworks are available. This means that basic routines can be used quickly, easily and reliably. Several frameworks can be used depending on the operating system.

Android App Development Tools

The following frameworks should be used to develop an Android app.


With the Xamarin framework, developers can program their Android app with C#. The framework provided by Microsoft enables the creation of an Android app with many useful functions. A special feature is the test environment in the Microsoft cloud. Various devices can be used to check the program code. This framework is used by more than 1.4 million developers who develop their own app. This is due to the age of the framework (2014) and the integration into the Visual Studio IDE.


The well-known Unity framework was developed by Unity Technologies and offers a wide range of functions for the development of 2D and 3D applications and games with augmented reality. It is perfect when it comes to developing games that are supposed to contain particularly impressive physical effects or have good lighting. This easy-to-use code collection is already used by more than 60% of all games developed with virtual realities. A free version is available for developers. More functions can be activated in the "Pro" version. The developers are free to decide whether they want to program in C # or UnityScript.


Kotlin is a framework and at the same time offers a complete IDE for Android. Since 2017, Kotlin has even been recommended by Google as a development environment. It is also interesting for developers that the Kotlin programming language is 100% compatible with Java. Because of its advantages, it is used as the primary programming language by some developers. The speed and flexibility of Kotlin has also been recognized by other large companies such as Trello, Uber and Twitter. Since developing an app can generate costs, they switch to more efficient frameworks.

Corona SDK

The Corona SDK framework has been available to developers for more than 10 years to develop particularly fast apps and games. These should be up to ten times faster than when developing with a different framework. This also keeps the app programming costs low. This is achieved through the integration of the Lua programming language. This is based on C ++ / OpenGL and enables high speed and flexibility. Corona SDK can be downloaded free of charge for both Mac OS X and Windows. The extensive API increases the efficiency of programmers and therefore leads to low-cost app development.

Advantages That Mobile Applications Have Brought Us:

One of the main advantages is that many applications do not request access data, or the registration is done only once when downloading. This allows you to quickly and easily enter the app. It considers the fact that we seek access to information quickly and at all times. This is because it is characteristic of millennials to abandon, stop using or uninstalling something that does not work according to their expectations and with the expected speed.

They allow us to make all kinds of purchases from anywhere. From buying food, air flights, clothes and everything we can imagine. For the benefit of users, we do not have to download all the applications on the market. There are already applications that group many brands and companies, and it is here where we can buy with the same variety as if we are in a shopping center, supermarket or mall. 

Another interesting advantage is the secure storage of our personal data especially in banking entities. Very strict security policies have been established that consider everything from the use of coordinate cards, digital keys, messages with security codes and even a fingerprint before a transaction can be finalized.

Entertainment applications are the pioneers in this field and there are many users who consume recreational applications. For our benefit and fun, we find an endless number of game apps of which most of them free. 

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