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Technologies To Integrate Into Mobile App Development

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At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we help you deliver innovative and technically complex application projects, using the latest web and mobile application development technologies. We have many years of experience of creating applications that allow new business models or improve existing ones in Swiss, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Bern. There are many technological solutions, many opportunities, and endless profits. Technological development allows you to sell more. You should not start without a strategy as it is easy to get lost. For this reason, carrying out a digital consultancy is always recommended.

If you have a business, a digital consultancy will allow you to identify the key technologies that will help improve your services and how to apply them. This technological development can contribute to the efficiency and productivity of your company.

For this reason, conducting a digital consulting is essential to be able to implement the most appropriate options for your business. Digitization has arrived and we are seeing how all companies are running towards digitization. The problem is that if you don't have a strategy, you will run the risk of spending the money and failing.

A digital consultancy is essential to start the transformation of the company and to know how technological development can help your business to survive and improve. Here are some key technologies that could be implemented in your business with the right advice. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top mobile app development company in Swiss, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern.

Integrate Essential Technologies Into Your Business


The Internet has become a great channel for dissemination and also a shopping channel. It has been proven that when a consumer wants to buy a product or hire a service, the first thing he does is turn to the Internet. What potential customers are looking for is information, contrast opinions or even read success stories. 
Internet is the starting point of any purchase. You must bear in mind that your showcase must be perfect. Not only when showing your product or service but also showing everything that surrounds the process of that purchase.

For this, you will already know that the user experience is vital. Try to surround him with all the answers to the questions that may arise. The Internet allows us to offer all kinds of resources and we are not only talking about text, images and photographs. We refer to being present in customers Internet space: platforms, media, blogs, marketplaces, forums, opinions, etc.

The Internet should connect your company and your product or service directly with your audience.

The Cloud

Thanks to cloud technology, no physical support is needed to connect with your customer. The cloud allows you to send all the information, resources or tools that your client may need.

Whether through a SaaS, an intranet, or a customer panel. There are many ways to offer your product or service through the cloud. We return to the importance of the customer experience. A client wants it all and easy. You can use technological development to give him everything he may need.

The cloud is a great container in which you can custom create a unique service that gives your client or potential client customized information. 


It is undoubtedly one of the technological developments that have experienced the most growth in recent years. Mobile apps allow you to be on the smartphone of your client or your audience.

Not only do we consult information on the smartphone, it is the device we use the most to buy any type of product or service.

But beyond the purchase itself, an app allows you to send direct information to your user and establish an exclusive communication bridge. In addition, the app has access to all the technology of the smartphone.


We separate it from the previous point of apps since not only applications can have access to smartphone technology. You can access this technological development from a website or SaaS.

Today's smartphones are much more than just a laptop. They are equipped with technologies and functionalities that are perfect for enhancing the user experience.  We talk about using geolocation, gyroscopes, augmented reality, the camera, scanners or biometrics. 

Today, you can access a universe of possibilities through from the phone. Digital consultancy can focus on a unique technological development that makes a difference. We are seeing it in health companies, insurance companies, gyms or accounting programs for example.


This is one of the technologies that help clients and companies. It is about the technology that enables automated processes to be triggered to take your client or potential client by the hand to their destination, whether it is purchasing or consulting information.

Automation is a technology that requires knowledge to properly exploit. Thanks to this technological development, you can create a chain of informative emails, or you can hyper-segment your users to know their interests and offer your product or service in a personalized way.

Accessing this technology is very simple and inexpensive, so it can be very useful to start implementing processes that help you better connect with your customer or audience.

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