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Attending to your customers on their mobile devices is essential today, consider the number of smartphone users and the number of hours they spend on their devices. Any serious business that wants to stay competitive and innovative must find a way to optimize its processes and attend to clients’ needs through mobile app.

Hyperlink Infosystem can assist you with such task. We are a leading mobile app development agency in Tanzania. With over 9 years’ experience of developing excellent mobile app, we are in a good position to assist you with a high-quality mobile app.

Cost of Developing Mobile App

The costs for app development cannot be determined as a flat rate. You cannot call up a flat rate for an app. No app is the same as the other and even if apps appear similar at first glance, the costs can be extremely different. 

Some definitely incurred costs:

  • The workload of the developer per hour
  • Developer account at Apple
  • Developer account with Google
  • Percentage fee to Apple / Google
  • Server / hosting costs vary depending on the need and cannot be determined across the board

Costs that depend on the type of app:

  • Simple apps that only run locally on the smart phone (calculator, flashlight, household book etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server (news apps, weather apps, information apps with dynamic content etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server (messenger apps, social media apps without login etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server including login (social media apps with login etc.)
  • Complex apps that require a login and retrieve a lot of information from servers (online shops, flight bookings etc.)
  • Apps with complex 3D elements (games, 3D editing programs, video editing programs etc.)

The Operating System Is Crucial:

In addition to the app category, the operating system is also decisive for the cost of an app. In general, it can be said that the development of a native Android app is on average 20% higher than the cost of developing a native iOS app. The reason for this is that the variation of Android devices is significantly greater than that of Apple devices. If you rely on native apps, each app has to be developed individually, as each app is developed specifically for the operating system. So-called hybrid apps offer an alternative. These are only developed once, can run on iOS and Android and are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain. 

The design of the app also affects the cost of app development. If a complex, unique design is to be implemented, the effort for the implementation of the app increases. If complex animations are also to be integrated, the effort increases even further.

Why You Should Contact Hyperlink InfoSystem For Your Mobile App Development Project


Without a doubt, the professional team is the most important thing when embarking on a project such as the development of a mobile application. A professional company that specializes in this type of project will offer you not only a programmer but a whole team to accompany you in the process. We talk about designers, UX experts, analysts, experts in different technologies, etc.


Continuing along the lines of the advantages of having a team, experience is a variable that must be taken into account. By having professionals who have worked on other similar projects or at least with interesting functionalities will allow you to access this knowledge to adapt it to your app project.


During mobile app development, you will often find yourself at a point where what you had plan for your application is not feasible in the precise way you had planned it. Then you should be able to rely on professionals who know how to offer you alternatives to reach that functionality but in another way.

An application development company will be able to offer you these alternatives for the viability of your project because it will have a team and a qualified experience for it.


Knowing the different trends in the mobile applications sector is vital since it is still about technology and as we know it advances every day. You will need to know the latest trends in order to develop an app that connects with your audience.

Therefore, having an app development company will allow you to have the guarantees that the team is trained and updated to these new trends.


You can choose different technologies for the development of an app. It is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and possibilities. A company can offer you the best alternatives when choosing the ideal technology for your business.

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