We live in an era- where the majority of people are on social media. Any news or information came out; it spread more on social media. We all are pretty aware of the importance of social media.  Social media apps have conveyed up a significant part of our lives and the application market already, and their abundance continues to develop. With the increasing number of smartphone users all over the world, there have been several possibilities for social networks with more excellent characteristics.

In the market, several entrepreneurs do not want to miss the opportunity to be part of the flourishing market and considering creating new social media platforms. The question regarding how to make social media apps only looks difficult in the given time. However, the accelerated technological growth proceeds to open doors for innovative ideas and encourage businesses with secure social media app development.

According to the report, 3.6 billion people using social network apps, which compose about 45% of the entire population. This data predicted to increase to approximately 58% of the total population in 2025. Hence, there is no doubt that social media trends are not going to disappear in the future.

In this blog, we are going to show you how to create a social media app step by step;

Step 1: Planning Tactics For Your Social Media

In the initial stage, we examine the purpose and the competing field, investigate the demands, pick up a representation of the target audience, and set the essential performance signs that are to be performed. All these points will help to find a different perspective while developing a social media app for mobile. And if you are thinking to obtain money using your social media app, think about your monetization choices thoughtfully.

You can also add some basic features and functionalities while developing your social media. Features like push notification, geolocation, customized newsfeed, tagging feature, security measures, and several others.

Step 2: Design And Development The App's Workflow

You will first need to choose what direction you expect to practice and whether you need your app available for Apple users, Android users, or both. Android and Apple both use various technological masses. The design needs to follow several levels.


It is one of the most critical levels of a design process as it helps the development team to envision the skeletal formation of social media applications. It provides a structured representation of the app and the occurrence that will prepare the end-user.


Sketching gives very agile common aspects of future applications. It helps evaluate the future thesis of the project, the number of partitions, and the communication among them.

Design App Surfaces

At this step, we transform wireframes into the social app layout. We are particularly analyzing extant clarifications, following the most advanced trends, and refining UI/UX to present the best potential solutions.


A designed prototype is an effective design of a prospective application. It fits both for the consumer and for developers a better knowledge of the product. It is much more apparent to choose an approach and make adjustments according to it before the coding method has begun.

Step 3: Quality Assurance And Development For Different Platforms

The development and configuration methods regularly operate together in the growth cycle of a social media mobile app. Meanwhile, the prototyping of the app is achieved; by making its back-end by fixing up servers, APIs, databases, and running out comprehensive accommodation solutions.

At every stage of development, standard and automated offers trial of every part of the business and their accurate communication in the plan. However, testing is just not made to make sure the developers didn't type any errors into the code; but to examine the UX of the project.

Fit all technical elements, guidelines of the users, and program standards. The iOS and Android engineers suggested to the clients about the native social media app development offers the more reliable performance of the application.

Step 4: Marketing And Publishing The App

Our experts assure the process of publishing, produce all promotional elements including video guides, screens, and an adequate explanation of the application. All this supports social apps for companies to reach out at the Google Play Market and Apple Store.

When it comes to marketing, you have to bring an approach for a mobile app or a web project; remember that the growing costs are only a part of the design cost. Also, think of a description of essential marketing requirements and values. What means to determine in developing your app is up to you, but don't just start considering it after your app is in the app store. Don't neglect to follow quantitative metrics for the application, which is necessary for your progress in the social media market.

Step 5: Review The Social Media App

After the project has been out in the application markets, we assure our clients of all kinds of help and updates implementation. Following that, the review is a crucial step to evaluate the progress of your social media app.

You can control the acknowledgment of your active users or how much time they consume using the app. It will give feedback on the user's experience.

Types of Social Media are also an essential part of developing social media app development.

These are the basic types of social media to know of:

Systems For Customer Reviews

Such social media apps are utilized by consumers to discover and review businesses they have had involvement with.

Media Sharing Systems

Such social apps let users participate in all varieties of media files like photos, GIF files, videos, and others. The most prominent representatives of this class are Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, Imgur, and YouTube.

Social Network Apps

They are applied to join and communicate with other people online. These social networking apps can be utilized for individual requirements like Facebook, Twitter, or acknowledged information.

Final Words

Creating social media apps is the solution that you and your association are viewing for and there’s never been a better time to produce one.

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