When it comes to choosing the best suitable framework, every web developer feels like falling into the black hole of the long list of frameworks with a wide range of amazing technical features, functionalities and working environments. Considering the stats, Over 40% of developers choose react.js whereas, more than 20% of web developers choose the angular framework. You must be thinking what do they keep in mind while selecting their framework? We will help you to decide which web framework you should choose.


Google launched AngularJS first on 20th October 2010, and the last release was on 15th December 2021. Angular has around 78.7k Github starts. Angular is a component based open-source framework. AngularJS is widely used for two-way data binding & dependency injection.

What Will You Need To Get Started With AngularJS?

  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Basic understanding of Javascript
  • Basic understanding of typescript

Features of having AngularJS

  • Component-based architecture.
  • Typescript for tooling.
  • More scalability.
  • A cleaner codebase.
  • Hierarchical dependency injection.
  • Google technological support.
  • Connected with material design.
  • Angular CLI for flawless updates.
  • Versatile server-side rendering through IDEs, UI locations.
  • Analytical tools, ASP .NET, data libraries.
  • Reusable Angular elements.
  • Add, update and remove elements through Angular commands.
  • DOM (Document Object Model) tree along with extended HTML capabilities.

Things To Improve In AngularJS

  • A hierarchical tree-like architecture - The layered structure makes it difficult for developers to fix the frame.
  • Performance tradeoff - It will not be supportive enough on old devices due to two-way data binding.
  • Must have JavaScript - Web developers must install Javascript to work with Angular.
  • Migration - Angular has a really complicated migration process.

When Should You Choose AngularJS?

When your project demands constant web apps, you should choose to hire AngularJS developers. Angular is capable enough to build continuous web applications.

The typescript language of AngularJS is secure enough to develop an enterprise web solution. The features of typescript can enhance business web solutions.

If your project demands constant updates based on user behavior and activities then you should definitely choose AngularJS development.

Angular is not suitable for:

SEO Is Your Top Priority

Angular is not very SEO-friendly. If you want to rank on top of the search engine effortlessly then Angular is not suitable for you.

Short-term Projects

Angular development projects demand extra efforts from the team to manage and learn the projects. So, if you have a small budget and resources and not many web developers to work on your project, do not go for Angular.

Micro Service Approach

Angular is not the right tool for microservice architecture because of the elasticity of tool selection.

Lightweight Apps Having Static Content

Angular development can add weight and complexity to lightweight development. It is not advisable to use angular for small projects.

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Example of AngularJS development


  • Forbes


  • Google Voice
  • Google Messages
  • Google Play Books


  • Microsoft Office Home


  • Nike

Job Portals

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • General Motors

Payment Gateway

  • Paypal

Social Media

  • Telegram

React JS

Facebook (Now Meta) launched React JS first on 23rd May 2013, and the last release was on 22nd March 2021. React has around 180k Github starts. React is a component-based open-source framework. ReactJS development is highly popular for the modular and coherent component that makes them highly reusable.

What Will You Need To Get Started With React JS?

  • The basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Basic understanding of ES6 features.
  • Minimal experience about how to work as a Node Package Manager.

Key Features of React Development

  • Minimal development time.
  • Built-in ready-to-use elements.
  • Reusable Codebases for iOS and Android development.
  • Quick development with fewer bugs.
  • Usage of React Native and Swift.
  • easy to build attractive mobile UI.
  • Vast community support.

Things To Improve In React?

  • React JS developers face problems while working with Package compatibility and debugging tools.
  • Custom modules often create problems upgrading 3 components instead of just 1.
  • The recent update is too complicated to update and work on.

When Should You Choose React JS Development?

Advance Tools Integration

React JS is best to work with AI, ML, BI and so on. So, if your project demands are for dashboards or data recognition that requires integration of BI, AI, Ml, react development will be the best for you.

Real-time Updates

The virtual DOM of React JS works efficiently for real-time data updates and tracking. You can even customize the reusable components as per your requirements.

Social Networking App

Social media applications are trendy nowadays. React JS allows you to work on them effortlessly. React JS only updates the SPA part the user has communicated with.

SEO Priority

React JS is one of the best frameworks to use when search engine optimization is your top priority. The built-in JS never waits for the full page to load to work on the client-side.

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Example of React JS Development

Social Media Application

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram


  • Khan Academy


  • New York Times

OTT Platform

  • Netflix


  • Walmart

Email Services

  • Yahoo! Email
  • DropBox

Which Is Better React Development or Angular Development?

Data Binding

However, React has one-way data binding methods. Angular has two-way binding. Because of that, it's easier to work with React JS developers even for heavy projects.


Virtual DOM of React JS makes the development process faster and flexible.


As mentioned above React has a more vast community than AngularJS.

Easy To Learn

If you are a newbie, you will find React JS easier to learn and get started with.


Angular and react both are scalable enough. Angular has CLI whereas React allows reusable components with virtual DOM.


We have listed everything that can help you make a clear choice about which framework you should choose for your next project. Still, if you think you can not make up your mind or are confident enough to work with any of these frameworks, You can hire dedicated developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem UK. We can help you develop a scalable, error-free web app solution as per your requirements.

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