Ride sharing can become a cheaper and also greener way to travel. Indeed, you must have heard of Uber or Blablacar. Well, in this article, we take care of analyzing some of the best apps available to share a car or find people with whom to share a ride.

Although the social component of ride sharing should not be underestimated, it is primarily about getting from A to B cheaply, which is an important argument not only for students. Because if you miss one of the inexpensive super-saver tickets from the train, a trip in the car pool is almost always the cheaper alternative. With the right ride sharing app on your mobile phone, you can reserve the right trip today with just a few finger touches.

Here Are Some of the Best Ride Sharing Apps In 2022


You must have heard of Blablacar since it is one of the most popular ride sharing apps of the moment. This application of French origin helps people who need to travel to the same place to connect to go together.

In this way, travel expenses such as gasoline or highway tolls can be shared and contribute to the care of the environment by reducing the number of cars used.

To use Blablacar, you will have to download the application for Android and iOS and register for free. Once registered, you can find the trips you want or report a trip that you will do with your own car and whose expenses you want to share.

You can interact with other travelers for free. The application has more than two million users per month, which offers reliability and security. If you have questions about a particular driver, you can check other users' opinions about him.


Bluemove asks you: "why spend $15,000 on a ride when you can spend $2 per hour plus $0.25 per kilometer?". That is precisely the basic idea of ​​this ride sharing application or ride rental.

Bluemove has a very simple operation: you download and install its application, launch it, and when you create an account, you will be able to rent a vehicle instantly.

You reserve it wherever you are and, on a map, you can see the Bluemove vehicles parked closest to you. You use it to go to your destination, leaving it where it suits you. You will only pay a rate of $2 per hour plus $0.25 per kilometer.

It is a perfect option for those who need a ride sporadically, but we do not recommend it for those who need it every day.

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You have likely heard of Uber since it is currently one of the most famous applications of the moment and the one that has caused the most controversy. Using Uber is much cheaper than using a regular taxi.

Uber is available in 700 cities around the world, including. Once you've downloaded the Uber app for iOS or Android for free and have created an Uber account (you'll need to include your credit card details), you can start ordering taxis.

A map will appear with your location and the Uber rides available in the area. When you enter your destination, the cost of the trip will appear.

Uber is a practical, cheap and easy to use application. It thus becomes a suitable method for all budgets to use "taxis" within the big city.


Cabify will make you feel like you are receiving a driver at home. Your drivers, who must attend a training course before starting to work for the company, will treat you with kindness, courtesy and professionalism.

The app has only professional drivers. They all must have a VTC license (vehicle rental authorization with driver), pass a psycho-technical test, demonstrate that they do not have a criminal record, pass a job interview, etc.

Cabify has now become the number one competitor of Uber in Spain and Latin America, being available in 36 cities around the world, in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, the Dominican Republic, etc.

It may not be profitable to use it in your day to day. However, it is very suitable for occasional trips within your city, since it will considerably reduce your journeys' cost.


Otoocar is the application that offers the most specific ride sharing service. You can join the trip of people who will attend the same festival as you, the same event or the same airport (among others).In addition, you can select a ride in which only girls go in case this option makes you feel safer.

You can book your trip in just a couple of clicks: write your route (origin and destination), the date and time of your trip and find your driver and fellow travellers. If you wish, you can refine your search by filtering by type of trip, vehicle comfort (from basic to luxurious), by price or by score (to find the drivers with the best ratings).


Sometimes absolute travel flexibility is required: spontaneously visiting the girlfriend at the internship location, paying the grandmother in the other city a sick visit or at least appearing for the short-term birthday of the old fellow student at the other end of the republic - ride sharing apps by ride sharing app development company are perfect to spontaneously get a trip to the desired destination without horrendous expenses (as is usually the case with train journeys or flights booked at short notice). In addition, they offer a great alternative to car sharing & Co., which is often priced higher than car sharing offers.

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