Numerous new apps are published in the app stores every day. This gives the impression that it doesn't take much effort to publish one. However, planning the app development is a tedious process. Therefore, it is important not to lose track of the scope and costs. Otherwise, the amount can quickly rise to the size of a small car.

The development of an app costs around $30,000 on average. This amount can, of course, vary, depending on the type of app and the effort in the app development process. However, especially due to the great competition on the market, applications should not exceed the set budget, as it is difficult to assess how the user will receive them. Planning is, therefore, the be-all and end-all here.

Native Versus Hybrid App Development

Before the app is developed, the type of app to develop should be determined. It is important to look at the different aspects of the two options and to be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Hybrid applications are a mixture of web and native app. These can be optimized for different operating systems with individual APIs and frameworks. Native apps are specially developed by native app development company for a platform and are therefore perfectly adapted to it. To do this, the programming languages of the respective operating systems have to be used, which in turn means that a separate app has to be developed for each platform. This is costlier than a hybrid app because they have to be completely rewound.

When it comes to reducing costs, the decisive factor is whether the app has to be developed for a single platform or multiple platforms. The selection does not matter with only one platform since the effort and time frame, whether hybrid or native, remain largely the same. However, it is even better if more platforms are included in the second case since the "prototype" is the same and the other components such as the design, backend, etc., have to be adapted to the operating system.

Hybrid Apps For The Business Environment

However, some aspects make hybrid apps by hybrid app developers more suitable than native ones. For example, hybrid apps are very useful in the business environment as the application's appearance is secondary and the main focus is on the data output or input. In this way, they can be adapted very quickly for different variants and used as an enterprise app.

Native apps are more suitable for the customer environment, where the design, the animations, and the performance have a higher priority than the benefit itself.

The process of developing an app depends on different phases. First of all, the idea has to be there. The next step is to start planning. To do this, the following points should be followed:

Collection Of Documentation

User stories help the project group define the users' needs and design the app development accordingly. This should collect and structure all requirements for the app.
With this process, setbacks can be avoided right from the start.

To plan the logic and the page flow of the app, wireframes and mockups should be created, which help to represent the most important properties. The more precisely the user story is hit, the better the user's needs are met, and money can be saved for further changes.

This process will bring the users' needs closer to the project group and save time, as understanding them will lead to better execution.

The Right Team

The right developer group is important for a project like an app. Suppose the app is to be developed externally, as many software companies as possible should be examined for ratings and expertise. With a competent team, the project will be developed faster and better. Moreover, with an efficient group of developers, the project can be completed faster, and costs for a continuation can be saved.

The developer group itself offers another opportunity to save money. Each of these teams is a professional in their field, whether a concept, developer, designer, tester, project manager, or team leader. They give advice and can improve the project in various ways.

The client needs to bring his vision through, but different recommendations from all directions should be examined, and the benefits for the project weighed up.

Comparison Of Other Apps

Researching similar apps and analyzing the competition can help you stay informed about the requirements and features of the app. In this way, mistakes can easily be avoided, and planning can be set up.

Save Details For Later

Initially, the focus should be on the basic functions and the correct structure of the project. It is also an advantage to pay attention to budget and time. So, the risk of wasting time is not so great if one or the other feature is not included.


The so-called milestones can be very helpful in app development. This gives the developing team a good overview of the overall project. For example, it is possible to set milestones together with the team before the project begins, log them when they are reached, and continue working on them.


For the milestones, it is also important to plan runs, the so-called sprints. In these sprints, the group can realistically assess the project's status and make further estimates for the rest of the workload. The advantage for the client here is that he can allocate or plan the budget more precisely since the tasks are precisely defined in a sprint.


If the project is passed on to an external team, the time invested by the developer means their payment. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the work of these and more frequent feedback on their programming process. This allows the development team to find out more quickly what is good and what is not wanted.


Whether hybrid or native, fitness, games or lifestyle app, planning the costs is an important point, which should not be neglected if you only have a limited budget, it should be easier for you to save costs through various points such as providing feedback, dividing up the tasks intelligently or omitting features that are not useful. Hyperlink InfoSystem is at your disposal for individual advice.

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