Convert Leads Into Sales With Salesforce Integration

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convert leads into sales with salesforce integration

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Nov 30, 2021

In the age of digital transformation and the resulting business transformation, companies need to rethink their vision for their customers. As part of that, introducing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform like Salesforce effectively builds an omnidirectional "360-degree vision" for customers.

However, setting up Salesforce doesn't mean you're achieving your goals. The key to the success of this Client 360 strategy is the complete integration of Salesforce into information systems and business processes within the enterprise, and the effective design of that integrated architecture is critical.

Table of Content:

  • Benefits of Salesforce, Data Integration Solution
  • Advantages of Data integration with Salesforce
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Salesforce, Data Integration Solution

Establishing Data Quality Aiming For a 360-degree Customer Vision

It's no secret that installing applications isn't enough to solve a problem within your organization, and applications are just a tool to help you manage your business needs. Like any other application, Salesforce is fully functional only if it has its data and an efficient process to ensure the quality of that data over the long term.

That's why the introduction of data integration solutions is critical to digital transformation projects with Salesforce.

Being able to integrate data into Salesforce cleanly and effectively is the key to success and a requirement that is often overlooked or simply secondary. It's no exaggeration.

And without a well-planned and perfect "data strategy," quality requirements can be met and Salesforce can be less effective.

Information Systems and Salesforce Interface

As mentioned earlier, data quality and its regular and practical integration are key to success, but it's also very important to integrate Salesforce with other information systems. It will be a point.

Customer data can be said to be the heart of a company's core processing. Data acquisition, cleaning, and distributed processing are sometimes the most important issues.

Salesforce needs to integrate seamlessly and automatically with your company's business workflows, and this requires logical integration management and fine-grained data flow coordination between Salesforce and other apps. Applications that require such integration with Salesforce can be various systems such as ERP, e-commerce sites, the data repository (items, products, rules, etc.), accounting, analytics applications (BI, big data processing, etc.)

Advantages of Data integration with Salesforce

Smooth Migration to Salesforce

When deploying Salesforce, you may need to initialize the application with existing data from your information system. This is especially true for data from older CRM - Customer Relationship Management solution.

In addition, this migration may require a certain migration period. In that case, a partial or total synchronization process can be adopted, allowing the old and new systems to be used together during the transition period.

Regular and Automatic Data Import and Merge

Once Salesforce is up and running, stable data flow is important to achieving an effective marketing strategy. You need a reliable and efficient integrated solution if you want to automatically generate leads from external applications (partners) or purchase external data files. There is a need for functionality that allows data to be inserted, updated, modified, etc. by comparison.

The above mechanism allows you to validate and augment your data, compare it to existing data, and ensure secure integration into your Salesforce apps by Salesforce developers.

Marketing Automation with Data Extraction from Salesforce

Salesforce is often combined with "marketing automation" systems such as Pardot, Adobe, and Hubspot. You can also work with email specific tools or connect with external partners responsible for specific marketing automation tasks (printers, event/communications agencies, etc.).

This integration with Salesforce's external systems requires minimal manual effort and must establish highly accurate integration at the data level.

Data integration enables efficient and fast data selection (fully integrated with Salesforce applications), augments data based on other data sources, and transforms data to ensure compatibility with targeted application data. It will be realized. Integration provides seamless automation with advanced schedulers and real-time or on-demand launch capabilities.

Information Tracking and Business Opportunity Development with Salesforce Data Analysis

With Salesforce reporting and dashboard capabilities, you can quickly access and enhance your data. However, this often requires the integration of external data into Salesforce reports and flexible adjustments. This can be addressed by integrating Salesforce data into an in-house BI (Business Intelligence) system.

In this way, Salesforce data can be exported to other analytics systems, leveraging traditional BI, Hadoop, Spark analytics platforms, and any other internal or external data analytics system.

Integrate Salesforce with Web Applications and Manage with APIs and Microservices

As the needs for applications and data exchanges grow, companies are under pressure every day to create an environment for intra-organizational collaboration through APIs and microservices.

Salesforce is designed to integrate with microservices and complex composite services in such an ecosystem.

Data integration in API mode is a valuable element for information systems. The practical application of services with data integration solutions will increase the liquidity of customer data utilization and will be the driving force for the 360-degree vision that companies demand.

Salesforce Real-Time Exchange and Business Workflow Management

In general, Salesforce apps need to establish interaction within your organization, either in real-time, asynchronously, in a service format, or through a more traditional interface.

Data exchange between ERP and e-commerce systems and Salesforce is essential to prevent data entry errors and data quality degradation in business processing.


Being a global data integration solution, not limited to Salesforce use cases, is the decisive factor in making CRM applications truly coexist with other information systems. It also enables effective use of Salesforce data in all business workflows within your organization, facilitating synergies between segmented application reorganization and team collaboration.

Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in India, USA, UK, and around the world. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His charismatic and result-driven approach has benefited the company to grow and achieve this height where the company stands right now.

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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