Are you a developer? Or do You want to start a new business? Then this article is for you. In the pandemic-like situation of Covid, the market for online business has grown too much. In 1990 when the first internet was introduced who could have thought that it will become an integral part of our lives.

But let’s talk about it now. Now making a website or using internet services is not a big deal or not a luxury. If you have a business and you want to make it international then you must have to create your website.

Several platforms allow you to create a free website. But Free doesn’t work all the time. So you will have to fight for this and build a website on your own. Although building a website does not cost more. Wait let me not break it down to you here only.

Let’s see the aspects that affect when you are building a website and let’s estimate your cost to build your website.

Components that affect while building a website

First of all, you need to know What does a website consist of?

Below is the Venn diagram from one of the best website building platforms

Now let’s get into the deep. Let's discuss the components that affect your website development.

The Design and Interface of Your Website

I think that your users or customers look at the Design of your website first Before purchasing anything. So Design is your first impression of your customers. A great design consists of great visual content.

Imagery and layout including Text too. Because you don’t communicate on your website these things do.

Choose an authentic Domain Name before setting up a website

What do you need to arrive at the expected location? Address. Right?

Exactly like that, you will need an address to reach the website. And in technical language, this Address is known as Domain. To build a website you will have to choose a domain name that solidifies your brand information and identity also it should provide you an opportunity to stand out in the billions and trillions of websites.

A domain name is a thing that wins the interest and trust of the user with a sense of dependability and reliability. Keep this in mind when you make your own website.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Several factors affect your cost in website building. Some website building platform provides you the templates and if you want to build one on your own then you will have to hire a web designer.

You see cost varies according to your needs. So here are some types of websites and their costs. Go through it and estimate the cost you will have to pay while you build your own website.

Type Cost Per Month Cost Per Hour
Blog $3500-$4000 $20
Ecommerce $4500-$5500 $20
Event $3500-$4000 $20
Portfolio $4000-$5000 $20
Others $3500-$4000 $20

Now it is clear to you that if you have your type of website ready. Then you can set up a website easily according to their costs. But still, let me break down some of their costs so you won’t face any issues.


The blog is a standard type of website and if you are willing to create a blog website then you don’t have to worry that much about your design sector but still good design attracts more users. If you create a website like Blog you will need storage to upload your images and posts. That may cost you too.

Identically the blog is the cheapest of all of them.

eCommerce Website Building

There are 2 billion online shoppers in this world and you can win all of them by just building an eCommerce website, an excellent website to be precise. The eCommerce website is a digital business model. So your audience will continuously range from children to aged people.

The hiring of a web designer for your eCommerce website might cost you more than other websites. That is because when you make a website like that it consists of many moving objects which may be complicated for the developer.

Build Your Own Event Website

Event websites are one-time websites. So you should use tools to build this kind of website because it is a unique but single-time idea. After the event, your website is useless unless you set up something new on it. So try to spend less on it.

The cost of getting a personal domain is only $14/month. You will build your Event website at a very low cost with these essentials. But as I said earlier build your website user-friendly and attractive. Choose your domain wisely.


In the conclusion, there are some facts that you should be aware of while you are setting up a website. First and for all you will need to focus on the Designing part, after that comes the Domain, choose the domain about your needs and expected audience. Also building a website is not that easy to have some patience. Why not visit us and read our other relevant articles related to this?

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