Are you wondering how a website is conceptualized, designed and finally developed? You will get answers here.

It is well known that many founders and young companies create their websites themselves and use one of the website building tools that are now a dime a dozen. But how does creating a really impressive website work? While many companies design wildly, the right process goes deeper and begins at the core of the company - the corporate identity.

Steps To Follow Web Design Process

Analysis or Creation of the Corporate Identity

Every brand and self-respecting company must have a unique identity that customers must associate with them. In addition to logo, color scheme and fonts, corporate identity (CI) also includes design elements, images, GIFs and everything that people associate with a business.

However, if this CI does not exist, you can meet with a top website development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem.

1) Conceptual Design

Building on the CI, a concept is forged in phase 2 that corresponds to the wishes of the customer. This includes objectives, a mood board in which inspirations are recorded and a wireframefor the final website.

2) UI and UX Design

Once the concept is final, it is cast in color. This is how the final user interface design (UI) is created, which is optimized and psychologically checked in the best possible way according to the latest findings of user experience design. After phase 3, you know exactly what the final result will look like and which sections, functions and design elements are included.

3) Development

The final design is now being developed into a fully functional website. The development environment chosen for this is in the hands of the customer - with recommendations from the developer or agency.

WordPress is well known, but due to the long loading times, the low range of functions and the tiresome implementation of countless plug-ins, WordPress slips further and further into the background and makes room for new players such as Webflow. In Webflow, websites can be implemented faster, designed more flexibly and animated incredibly impressively.

4) Responsiveness

Once the developed design is in place, it still has to be optimized so that it always looks good on the countless screen sizes of today. Here, too, tools like Webflow provide tremendous support and facilitate and optimize responsive web design.

5) Animation

If animations are desired, these form the last step before the website is launched. Depending on the website builder, however, these are limited to simple movements or fade-ins/outs.

6) Launch

This phase is self-explanatory. This is where you make your website accessible to the world. People from any corner with an internet enabled device will then be able to know about your business.

Advantages of Having Your Own Website

1) Business Card

People nowadays mainly use the Internet to find out more about products, services and their prices before actually making a purchase decision.

Anyone who presents themselves online with a website increases the chance of appearing very high on Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co. In this case, your website serves as a modern business card. Here you can present your products or services in detail and provide your contact details so that potential customers can contact you or visit your shop on site.

2) More Sales

If you are optimally presented and found on the Internet, you have the chance to significantly increase your sales. Sales is the main reason a business exists. Without regular income, the company would not exist, at least not in the long term.

3) Competition

You are probably not alone with your business idea. You have competition and probably quite a few of them. Are they present on the internet? Probably and then it is high time you intervene. And then you better do it. Stand out from the crowd - be unique. Use the mistakes of your competition to present your own page perfectly.

4) Recommendation

Word of mouth is one of the most important forms of advertising for any company. But nowadays in the online age, praise and criticism are often given out through the media. To do this, it must be possible to link the respective company. If that is not possible, you will more or less voluntarily forego these recommendations. You may also lose revenue as a result.

5) Timeliness

You can quickly add new products or make changes on your own website. You always offer your customers up-to-date information that is not available from any other medium such as daily newspaper, advertising brochure, flyer, etc. An announcement in the newspaper or the printing of new advertising brochures also entail additional costs.

6) Available Around the Clock

While a store has special opening times, you can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - worldwide - with an online presence. Potential customers can obtain extensive information about your products at any time. Questions that you are asked over and over again can also be answered in the "Frequently asked questions" section. That saves you a lot of time and sometimes also some nerves.


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