When creating an application, either as a programmer or simply a client who requests an application, the question that will carry all the weight of the conversation and the project is always:

What Should A Good Mobile Application Have?

Mobile applications are becoming true substitutes for web pages. With the creation of Web apps that allows you to install them on your device, the user no longer has to access a browser or their computer to be able to consult information. Users increasingly access the internet from their mobile devices than from a computer, and they use applications more than mobile browsers.

A business niche has been created, and you have to be up to datein the field of technologies. If you base your efforts on creating a website without counting the great terrain that smartphones are, your company will have a long and hard road to become popular. But creating a good app requires more efforts than creating a web page. Many applications on the market are failing because they do not adapt well to the demands of users. So today, we are going to see what characteristics an application must have to have a good place among so many offers:


It seems obvious, and really few companies neglect this section. We know that the user enters through the eyes, and therefore the design has to be one of the most important parts. We cannot put it at the level of functionality, but there are applications with great functionalities in the market but that have fallen into obliviondue to their poor designs.

Obviously when we talk about design, we are not only referring to choosing beautiful colors and shapes, the work goes further.It goes from the user experience (UX) to the interaction, to make a study of the logical behavior of the user towards your application. One of the first things you will have to choose is between flat design or depth design.These are the two best options we have on the market.Although, the flat design is having more followers since the latest updates to Android and iOS.

Let's see some tricks to keep in mind:

Simplicity Is Better: This rule is golden in mobile app development.We do not have the functionalities of a mouse, or a large screen to be able to put a lot of content and menus. It is extremely important that it be minimalist with full functionality. Smartphones have different types of screen, and occupying an important space in options that are not always going to be used is illogical. Therefore, it is better to have it hidden and for the user to use it when they need it.

Scroll: The scroll is our best ally, since it makes our website infinite, we can fill it with content with only the user having to scroll down with their finger.

Use Of Location

Sometimes, this point is so obvious that we forget it.One of the most powerful features that a smartphone has is that it is constantly tracking your location. It geolocates you instantly. If you are going to use a notification system, or sell a product through a store, if you are in a town in London, your application will not get a worse ratio and evaluation than if the user suddenly gets advertising from a store in Manchester or Liverpool. The applications that sell or provide service have to adapt to the user and not the other way around. We cannot offer something that we know with almost total security that it will not sells, and if the user does not receive something personalized, they will end up uninstalling the application.


The feedback from the user is what will make your application to have the success you want. Users have become excellent marketing managers, testers and critics.

The Share Options

We are at a time when we like to share everything, our photos, our day to day activities. Therefore, when someone sees content that they think may be relevant to their social group, their first option will be to share it through the most used social networks. Depriving them of that option will not only harms the user experience, but also your company, since you will be having free advertisingif you upload valuable content and it is shared.

Multiple Choices

If your application is oriented to a commercial niche, you must earn the trust of the user, using current payment systems, such as PayPal, which have very good security conditions.

Multiplatform Application

Right now, when creating an application, the two most important operating systems of the moment are usually programmed in parallel for both Android and iOS. It must be said that this has an extra cost.That is why many consultancies recommend starting with an operating system, and see the acceptance of the application in the market and if it is good to start opening it to other operating systems. Some companies may be tempted to reach out to everyone, and spend a sum of money that they do not have.


Understanding the features and functionalities to integrate when developing a mobile app is essential to the success of such app in the market. There is a fierce competition and every app wants to take the first place on both App Store and Play Store. To know the right features to include during the development of your mobile app, you should meet with a top mobile app development company such as Hyperlink InfoSystem UK.

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