The car rental app is a highly on-demand app. People are adopting the concept of renting a car for a short or long trip journey. The evolution of mobile app development makes car rental apps seamless and easy to use. As the demand for car rental apps is more, several mobile app development companies are keen to be part of it.

According to a survey, the revenue of car rental will reach $43.1 million by 2022. Thus, it is a fast-growing business that has profitable revenue. In the USA only, the average income produced by car rental apps is $623.95. Hence, rental car apps like Turo are thriving in the business and making millions every year.

But, the return state of the market is attentive to such an extent that there is clear evidence of enough shots in the sustainable business. As per the reports - by 2024, the number of users to adopt car rental apps will reach 549.2 million.

Therefore, if you are also planning to create a car rental mobile application like Turo - we have got you covered. Today, we will tell you how to develop, benefits, and cost: a complete guide to developing car rental apps.

How To Create A Car Rental App Like Turo?

create a car rental app like turo

Here are the basic steps of the process - which you need to follow to create a car rental app like Turo.

1) Interpret Your Audience

The first thing which is required for every on-demand app is to know who your audience is. It helps to craft your app and strategy accordingly to the clients. For example, if you do not know or figure out who your target audience is, there is no point in creating a car rental app.

Mobile app development has to pass through many processes to create an app; the first is to analyze your audience. Understand what your audience is expecting from your app and segment them into various parts to understand better. Then, conduct the research, ask the relevant question, what customers expect and what features they like to see in the car rental app.

2) Technology Process

The second thing you need to follow is to select which technology will be suitable for you. The mobile app development process is a comprehensive development, so in the beginning, you need to decide the relevant technology.

Innovative technology software like Redux, ReactJS, Express.js, and others is best to develop car rental apps. The car rental apps demand few features which need to add to stand out among other competitors. Recognizing the development platform is a significant task - that you need to approach while building a car rental mobile app.

Choose which one will be better for your apps like iOS, Android, Mac, and others. Nevertheless, you can even decide on cross-platform app development or hybrid app development.

3) Deployment And Testing Process

After analyzing the audience, deciding the platform, it is essential to select a dedicated development team. Choose a mobile app developer or expert proficient employees who can manage app development. You have two options to opt - either hire in-house development or outsource a mobile app development company. Select as per your analysis and preference.

Fantastic mobile app ideas will reach out to the target audience and select your car rental app over any other apps. Later, the last step is to test and deploy your product on the mobile application platform. Then, experiment with the process, check the quality issue, solve glitches and errors, marketing strategy, and many other factors - your mobile app is ready to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Turo?

The cost of a car rental app development depends on the features and service of the mobile application. Whether you are in-house or outsource mobile app development, the price will be different; so choose your budget. If we estimate, the application would cost nearly $20,000.

Nevertheless, if you need to build an application for Android and iOS with superior innovations and technologies, it will cost nearly $35,000 – $40,000.

Why Do People Choose Car Rental Apps?

why do people choose car rental apps

Best Option For Special Travels

One of the significant reasons people prefer booking a car rental from the mobile application is to travel. Whenever a group of people or individuals need to travel and their priority is safety and want to roam around with your loved ones- a car rental mobile app is the ideal option. For a short or large trip - booking a rental car is most preferable.


Several financial planning and research need to be prepared while buying a car. Often, the payments you pay are much more expensive than the rental charges for the same cars. It is one of the principal reasons people prefer booking a car rental against purchasing one.

Parking And Maintenance

Parking a car has become a massive challenge in several cities, especially in metro cities. There is less space, the amount of cars is more than the actual space. Even if you manage to get a space, the price you pay for parking is too costly. With rental cars, you don’t have to bother about locating a parking spot. Moreover, you can return the car whenever your given date is outdated. It works the same for the sustenance of the car.

A well-maintained car demands a sufficient amount of time and money invested annually. Therefore, if you have the time, money, and source, then only go for it.

No Extra Care Maintenance

Taking care of the car needs maintenance. There is a time when you have to make sure the car tank is fuel, and if it is working well, it needs to be clean, and many more. Drive the rental car and give it back once you are done. Therefore, no additional cost is included.

Final Words

Car rental apps make people live effortlessly. Mobile app development transforms the modern model and presents an easy way of traveling. The demand for car rental apps is high and is not going anywhere in the future. It was one of the top trending on-demand mobile apps.

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