The benefits of mobile applications are endless, and now almost every one out of three people is aware of it. It has become nearly mandatory to have a mobile app for business. And it should be because it helps to flourish the businesses. So, what are the procedures to get your app featured in the Google Play Store, app store, or any other platform?

Today, we will tell you the process of getting features and how to stand out among your competitors. Google Play Store ranks first compared to the apps store because many users use Android devices. In almost every corner of the world, people use android devices and the play store to download mobile apps.

If you own a startup or small business, Google Play Store will be ideal because of the numerous users. You will get more scope in the Google Play Store equivalent to the app store. However, the app store is efficient, so do not underestimate that.

Follow the below steps to get apps published in Google Play Store:

Build A Google Developer Account

The first step for the app development process is to build a Google Developer account. Without registering your account, you cannot publish or get a feature on the play market. It is a process where they ensure there is no issue in the mobile applications. For it, you can utilize your current google accounts or start a new one. You need to sign up for a Google developer account by providing the necessary information.

Whether you want it for business or private use - you can create your account with detailed information. Moreover, you need to pay $25 as a one-time registration fee, and the process can continue if you agree on a distribution agreement. It is not a lengthy process; solely follow the right step, and it will be done in a few minutes. However, the approval from Google will take at least two or more days. You could edit your account if you forgot to put any important information. There is a piece of edit information where you can make changes for the Google developer account.

Focus On Outstanding UI and UX

It is not something you need to follow in the step, but we have included it so you can quickly get a feature in the Google Play Store. To have outstanding UI and UX is essential and should not be neglected by the app development company. The successful Android apps have a seamless user interface and splendid user experience. It is one of the bases on which your users will judge you and decide whether they want to continue with the mobile application or not.

Successful apps prioritize a high-quality user interface and a consistent, distinctive, including interactive experience across all mobile and tablet platforms. All Android apps, according to Google, should utilize Material Design guidelines in their user interfaces. If you want to get selected or part of the editor's choice, you do not have the option and follow this standard rule.

Create Your App

After following the procedure, it is time to create your app in the Google Play Store. Here, you need to follow some steps to create: go to the tab in the menu and select all applications. Next, tap on create an application. Later, you will find the option of the app's default language. It is crucial to know which language you want to keep as a default for the mobile application. Usually, people select English, as it is the most common language all over the world.

After this, you need to add the title/ name of your app, tap on the create button. That's it, only five steps, and your app is created on the Google Play Store. You can modify the name or change the title of your app, so do not worry about it. Later, they will ask you for essential information to get your app into the app's store listing. By this list, people acknowledge your app, and others develop to know about your android app.

Observe Rating

According to a study, 65% of people download the mobile app by seeing their rating. Hence, a rating is vital for the mobile app, especially if you want to get featured in the play store. Even if your mobile app is marked as an unrated app, the play store might remove your app from the app market. To not let it happen, you need to go to the menu and click on the rated app, which you will find on the left side of the menu.

Factors like calculate a rating, questionnaire, and all so ensure it is correct. The questionnaire will be conducted based on your information while signing up or creating your mobile app. Any misunderstanding of your app's content may appear in your Play Store account being rejected or removed.

Set Plan And Pricing Objective

It is essential to decide whether you want to publish your mobile free or paid. If paid, then how much and for what limited time? It is vital to make this decision before publishing your mobile applications on the Google Play Store. The decision made by mobile app development companies is based on their target audience, if your niche is ready to pay.  Most of the successful Android mobile apps are free, though they have premium versions. However, according to a survey, individuals will select and choose free mobile apps since they are unsure what the app has in store for them. To do so, go to the pricing and distribution page, which can be found on the left side of the menu. Choose whether you want your app to be appropriate for children under the age of 13 or not. If you want your mobile app to be banned in particular countries or not. Before releasing your mobile applications on the Google Play Store, go over all of these parts.

Launch Time

And the last step is to publish your mobile app on Google Play Store. The closing step involves analyzing and working out your release after ensuring you have taken care of everything else.

Final Words

Follow the process appropriately, and the procedure of getting featured would be easy. It is challenging because of high competition, but it is not impossible if you do it efficiently. The journey doesn't end here, keep an eye on your mobile app, and ensure no glitches or flaws.

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