Do you know what’s weird? I have run into so many folks who want to develop a mobile game app. They have a great idea, they have their story set, and they have as much enthusiasm as those motivational speakers want you to have.

And then all that just fizzles out.

They either get afraid of the “Other” aspects of coding, or maybe the scale for them doesn’t suit it right, or life happens. But this is kind of a tragic comedy. The world is full of so many talented creatives who have so many great ideas.

It’s just sad that they never give their app development dreams a shot.

Well, this ends now. We don’t know if we can help, but our team has quite a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to app development. So, we thought to share some of our knowledge here with you with the hope that the next time you work on app development, you remember these rules and don’t botch it up.

We are everywhere.

So without further ado, let’s get cracking. Hopefully, some of our tips will help you in avoiding some of the issues during mobile app development, or even game development.

1) Know Your Limits

I know too many people who played big games like PUB-G or Subway Surfer and wanted to create a game like that. They do a complete head dive in the app development phase and then quit, never to return again.

The frustration just seems too much, and the scale is so big for them that no matter what they do, they will never be able to create a game as great as the clash of clans.

Now here’s the harsh truth.

Games like PUB-G, need to have a team of at least 30 developers who do all the work. Recently they even increased the staffing to over 70. And other games might have even more people backstage.

Now you can be the greatest, smartest, and most talented app developer in the world. You can give your entire life to create a mobile gaming app, and that will still not be PUB-G. Do you want your tombstone to be written like this?

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Here lies an app developer.

Created the game: NOT a Pub-g

Yeah, it doesn’t sound that cool when I say it like that right?

2) Focus On What You Can Control

Truth be told, you won’t be able to create even a simple game app like sonic. Your best bet and that is if you are very smart and have a lot of time, is to create an offshoot copy of Pac-Man or the first level of Bomber guy.

Yes, I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but this is the truth. And as they say, the truth hurts, like a lot.

So, instead of focusing on things that you cannot control, like the amount of money you can throw at application development companies, or the market, as a solo mobile game app developer your focus should be just on creating a rudimentary game.

You should completely focus on something that you can build as quickly as possible and that should be something that can be played. Even if it looks like Frankenstein’s child of the 70’s PONG game, you’re still good to go.

Your first app, heck, your “first” anything will be just a learning exercise. It will be something that you just have to accept. Forget thinking that your first mobile game will be your magnum opus. Instead, learn from your failures, because they’re going to come in plenty.

3) Go 3x On Your Strengths

Before you even start building a mobile gaming app, you need to see what you bring to the table. It’s always better to be flexible when it comes to app development. If your idea is that you want to port triple A-Games on mobile, then yeah, you’re going to fail.

Focus on your own strengths, while learning on the go to mitigate your cons. You need to be a full-fledged app developer, but even if you know a few lines of coding, then it can do wonders.

And here is good news.

In today’s time, there are literally tons of tutorials online that can teach you whatever you want to learn. You don’t have to dive completely into this, heck, you don’t even need to, but learn the basics of the basics.

If you’re stuck, or confused, join an online forum and just ask. It’s that simple.

Now, the idea here is that you should go full Super-Saiyan on your strength and work on them. Let’s say you are a wonderful writer but a very bad coder, well, work on an app like that!

There are thousands upon thousands of gamebooks that are making a profit today, what makes you think you can’t join the bandwagon?


Let’s say you are a great designer, but a bad storyteller. Well, then simplified endless runners are going to be your jam.


Let’s flip the script and say you’re an amazing coder, but don’t know how to even start. Yeah, listen, you’re already on a head-start because you know coding. There are dozens of games that don’t require anything that you don’t have.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Start Small: Your main aim should be to learn as you scale up your skills, one day at a time. In this way, even if you fail hard, the failure won’t ruin your life.
  • Learn To Code: Just a bit. You don’t need to be a computer whiz, but you shouldn’t be afraid to code either.


Many Mobile game developers also have either a full-time job somewhere else, or are still pursuing college. And the sad fact is, these things are going to be there. There is going to be a struggle. But nothing worthwhile is easy.

See you next time.

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