Digitization has become indispensable in everyday private life. For example, when was the last time you left the house without a full battery on your smartphone? Are ten seconds of loading time too long for you to view a website? Or when was the last time you were on vacation without considering Wi-Fi Connection? The digital world has become a part of our private life. Digitization has fundamentally changed the performance of the system, its speed and networking.

This makes it all the more interesting for us marketers: What influence does digitization have on a company and its marketing?

Digitization has a significant impact on marketing. Today, you will understand how digitization has changed marketing.

Marketing 4.0

Online and offline marketing must by no means work independently of one another. It is essential to understand that there are no digital strategies, only strategies in a digital world. That means you have to develop a marketing strategy that includes the digital world. You have to network the online and offline world to not lose the customer in the jungle of possibilities but focus on them. Because without customers there is no company.

Digitization brings with it new and changing needs. The market is shifting and thus developing recent trends, new competitors, new products, new knowledge. In addition, digitization also promotes technological development.

Marketing Transformation

Digitization is driving the change in marketing; the marketing transformation is emerging. It affects every company, and none is spared. Tradition is great, but if you don't understand the change caused by digitization and don't follow it, you won't survive out there. 86% of the most successful companies of 1955 are bankrupt today. To secure its existence, a company is forced to deal with digitization.

This change can be divided into 3 phases:

  • Understand the current situation of the organization and where you want to go.
  • Put a lot of emphasis on the training of those involved. Show what changes are imminent and explain why they are essential.
  • Then implement the planned steps in practice.

Culture Is More Important Than Strategy

How the employees in the company behave, how they treat each other or what problems they react to that is the company's culture. And that is precisely what is decisive for the implementation of a strategy. No matter how well networked you develop, you can set up new teams and expand your areas of responsibility. But if people don't pull along, if the company's culture isn't right, then no strategy in the world has a chance to be successful.

Therefore, the question arises: How do we humans approach digitization?

  • There is no success without courage. Accordingly, it is essential to have the courage to innovate.
  • Break down silos of thought and competence by placing more emphasis on cooperation and exchange between employees.
  • To stay motivated and to strengthen team spirit, successes have to be highlighted and celebrated together.

Full Speed Ahead!

Marketers never get bored. But what else is in store for marketers? Where is digitization driving them and what do they need to be prepared for?

Autonomous Business

The "smart machines", or cognitive computer systems, mean that marketing is becoming more and more autonomous. That means more and more touchpoints with the customer are created by an automated system without direct human intervention. You can think of it as robots or self-driving vehicles.

Internet of Things

Many other products that can react to the user's profile and collect the data accordingly will be developed in the future. Different devices communicate with each other, automate processes, measure, collect and analyze data. The company can see the customer movements and use this behavior to develop and improve their products or IoT services in industrial sector.

Data Exchanges

Data is the gold of marketing. As a result, Digital data trading is becoming more and more important, and only a few international companies will dominate this industry.

Predictive Behavioral Targeting

Through collected and analyzed data, you will be able to predict the user's purchasing behaviour more and more and influence it accordingly.

Adaptive Advertising

Digital advertising can be automatically adapted to the profile of each user. This will result in more personalized, tailor-made advertising based on emotions per target group.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is becoming the norm. As a result, less and less data is stored locally.


Digitization has become an essential factor in marketing strategy. Companies have to take advantage of their opportunities to remain competitive.

The impression that digitization will replace people in marketing in the future is wrong. It will just shift more and more of a marketer's job. Today, you don't just have to be a creative advertiser. You also have to use analysis and statistical tools and be mentally strong for change and resistance.

Technology and digitization will continue to evolve in the future. That is why it is essential to meet it as a unit with courage and motivation.


Marketing has changed fundamentally in the last 10 years. It no longer just means presenting the product perfectly. Now, it is much more about building a relationship between the company and the customer.

To keep up with this marketing transformation, there are at least four tactics that you should adhere to.

  • Customer focus: Develop a combination of strategies and thus network the online and offline worlds with one another so that the emphasis can be placed on the customer experience.
  • Face digitization with agility and openness. Do not have a defensive attitude by asking yourself "Why?", But rather the view of "Why not!".
  • The ecosystem beats the "egosystem". Open silos and promote combined know-how. Recognize the importance of cross-departmental communication and teamwork.

Digitization requires a cultural change in marketing to be able to implement new combined strategies. Therefore, it would be best if you met with Hyperlink InfoSystem to assist you with the digital transformation of your marketing section.

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