Salesforce tool has features that make it a very popular tool. Given its scalability, it is now used by large companies and SMEs. The main strength of Salesforce is its flexibility. This user-friendly software does not require in-depth computer knowledge to be used and administered with an intuitive interface. Salesforce has a fun learning program and allows end users to use it to its full potential. This learning platform, called Trailhead, is designed to allow all employees to become familiar with the use of Salesforce regardless of their level.

Thanks to its easy handling, Salesforce offers a 360 ° view of prospects and customers, improving your employees' productivity. As a result, accessing the history of interactions is possible in just a few clicks. This is also the case for the follow-up of orders or the establishment of an invoice. Almost all of the functionality related to customer follow-up is automated, so that end users do not encounter any issues throughout customer relationship follow-up.

Finally, the use of Salesforce development makes it possible to optimize the administrative load of the company's sales people. Thus, the latter can improve relationships with customers and prospects or even decide on the best approach to adopt.

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  • Salesforce Is Highly Flexible And Scalable
  • Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud For B2B Customers
  • Important Benefits Of Salesforce
  • Salesforce Is Not Only About Sales
  • Conclusion

Salesforce Is Highly Flexible And Scalable

During its existence, a company is led to evolving by expanding its activities on the one hand and by attracting more customers on the other hand. Also, its CRM must be able to keep up with the company's growth rate.

In other words, a CRM must be flexible to allow the company to take advantage of the functionalities adapted to its new activities. Changing CRM solutions at each new level can be very expensive. In addition to being budget-intensive, it can reduce the productivity of end users, as they are forced to relearn how the new CRM works.

For its part, Salesforce saves you this kind of disappointment. The software in addition to being completely flexible evolves according to your needs thanks to its modules, allowing you to start with the most basic options such as the management of contacts and then add other functionalities according to the development of your company.

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Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud For B2B Customers

An Intuitive Format Combined With Approval Processes And Hierarchical Systems

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a seamless ecosystem that allows you to simplify the shopping experience for your customers and maintain full control over every buying process in your business. Commerce Cloud enables the creation of hierarchical systems optimized for each account setup, with streamlined approval processes free of barriers slowing down business.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant Commerce Cloud has demonstrated the ability of Salesforce to providing a host of comprehensive commerce functionality to combine B2C and B2B experiences with platform-native artificial intelligence.

Important Benefits Of Salesforce

Years pass and more and more companies begin to hire Salesforce developers and adopt technologies developed in Salesforce, or rather begin to develop solutions on the platform, but many of the companies currently searching for a new technology wonder if Salesforce is truly the best solution for your business. We present the following points that support the power of the Salesforce platform:

The Best CRM Is Called Salesforce

The Salesforce CRM allows us to have the latest technology within our reach, with a series of pre-defined processes that increases the speed of development because customizing it 100% to the commercial processes of companies ends up being a task of weeks and not months if we compare it with other systems.

Salesforce Advantages

Some advantages of Salesforce to many of its competitors are the following:

No hardware expenses: Thanks to being a system developed and adapted for the cloud, we mainly forget about the purchase of hardware primarily focused on the issue of servers or perhaps even the increasingly unusual task of installing the software that we have contracted on each computer.

Personalized support: We talk about the 24/7 support that Salesforce provides when contracting the solutions and the support capacity internally. The ease of creating, managing, and developing on the platform allows us to have the ability to have a quick response to any requirement and the fact that the end user himself can find the solution in a matter of seconds.

Scalability: Your company is constantly growing, which means that changes are needed. If you are starting with Sales Cloud and the business grows continuously, you will be adapting to these changes and little by little, you will continue with the other service clouds such as Service Cloud, Community Cloud.

Salesforce Is Not Only About Sales

Salesforce is the number 1 application in the world based on the cloud created to manage all your processes, not only in the commercial area but also processes that range from marketing, human resources or even commercial processes.

Salesforce has a development facility that allows you to create applications 70% faster than technologies like .Net, Java, or HTML. Several important points include a platform with 70% customization based on objects (Drag & Drop) and 30% code that allows increasing implementation time and focusing on specific issues in the development of an application.

Some of the many benefits of Salesforce for your company are:

  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Time optimization
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater effectiveness in tracking prospects
  • Rapid development
  • Quick ROI
  • Clearer knowledge of your clients and prospects


This is how Salesforce can support you in making your company faster and faster. We are specialists in the salesforce development, salesforce implementation, maintenance and support of the Salesforce platform. Contact us and request a free demo so you can learn more about the Salesforce platform.

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