Picture this. You’re just going about a mud road as you hike. There is a sweet mist in the air and you are enjoying every second that you spend here in the lap of mother nature.

After all, not everyday get’s to be this amazing now, does it?

You soak in the calming air surrounding the greenery when you’re met by a peculiar plant. You don’t know what it is, but it sure looks amazing. You take out your camera and click a few snaps before venturing further.

And once again, this time, you’re greeted with a beautiful flower that you have never seen ever before. It’s mesmerizing and captivating your curiosity. You take out your smartphone, snap another picture, and start searching for a plant identification app.

If you had been doing this a decade ago, then this article would have been very different, my friend.

Just imagine earlier people actually had to carry big books of taxonomy and what-not to understand different kinds of plants.

And did I mention they also had to be a basic level botanist to even understand what sort of plant they were looking for? With all the different genera and families in the plant kingdom, things tend to get a little confusing.

Today, though, you will not have any such issues. In this article, we will be showing you our best picks on plant identification apps by mobile app developers. Along with it, we will also be adding our own opinions on the apps.

Here Is the List of Best Plant Identification Apps In 2022

1) iNaturalist:

At first glance, the name of this plant identification app reminds me of something that Apple would come up with. But it’s actually like a social network between real scientists and enthusiasts to share their work and build up the community.

And if that isn’t cool then it’s also owned partly by National Geographic and also by the California academy of sciences.

iNaturalist acts as a very perfect platform for a budding plant lover to join.

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2) Picture This - Plant Identifier:

The more cultured amongst you might remember an Irish pop band had the same name. But the app cannot be more different.

It has a very simple user face, just like any other plant identification app. You just take a picture and upload it on the app. That’s it.

Picture This boasts over 70,000,000 users using its app to learn more about plants and identification. Frankly speaking, that is not that hard to believe as the app had got more than three hundred thousand good reviews on the app page.

One of the best points about Picture this is that it can also guide you through the process of taking care of a specific plant that you have in mind.

Download Now: Play Store, App Store

3) PlantSnap Plant Identification:

The name gives away the secret here, doesn’t it? PlantSnap is an app where, well you snap pictures of plants and it tells you which plant it is.

PlantSnap is used in over 200 countries with more than 50 million online users worldwide. What set’s apart PlantSnap as a company is its mission to plant over 100 million trees and the app also promotes tree planting to its users.

Download Now: Play Store, App Store

4) LeafSnap Plant Identification:

Now there is a welcome change in name. What sets LeafSnap apart from other plant identification apps, other than its name, is its catalog.

LeafSnap can recognize over 90% of all the plant species in the world. The last time checked it, this meant like, a lot of plants guys.

LeafSnap also has a plant journal that can help you monitor and keep track of all the plants that you are growing in your own backyard.

Download Now: Play Store, App Store

5) What’s That Flower?

Perhaps the most asked question when you’re hiking with your girlfriend. “What’s that flower, babe?”

I have not a single clue how many hiking dates this plant identification app can save us. The premise of this app is simple. To narrow down your search results, you can choose the habitat, the petal number, and even the color of the flower. And voila, now you only have a few flowers to choose from.

Though the best part about this app is that there is an offline mode, it also is not free along with some other perks that have to be bought.

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6) Planta - Care For Your Plants:

Planta might be the most different plant identification app based on our lists here, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

In fact, planta might give you the best bang for your buck!

“Why,” you ask?

This is because Plant Identification is not the core feature of Planta. Planta’s main function is to guide you in the best way when it comes to taking care of your own plants.

The Plant identification aspect works in the same way. Its major focus is for you to take care of plants, Planta will identify and recommend the best plants that suit your skill.

Other Plant identification apps might be great for Hikers and nature lovers. But Planta is the best for absolute plant lovers.

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7) Garden Answers Plant Identifier:

As the name suggests, Garden Answers is here to answer all your questions. It has a detailed in-depth answer catalog for more than twenty thousand plants and the opinions of horticulture experts.

At the same point, Garden Answers also has for you more than two hundred thousand commonly asked questions just for you.

Now that’s a sweet deal if you ask me.

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We hope you liked our article. If you could relate to anything in this article then feel free to share it with your loved ones. As always, we will see you next time.

Thank you.

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