In our childhood days, all we knew was going out and playing in the garden, having fun with friends. We never needed mobile phones to have fun. But in recent years, things have changed. Nowadays, even a 2-year-old toddler knows how to use mobile phones, YouTube, play games, do video calls and many more.

The change has arisen the need for parental control mobile application development. To keep the phones safe from children, or we should say to keep the children safe from phones, every parent should have a parental mobile application.

List of Top Parental Mobile Apps In UK That Every Parent Should Have

1) Bark - For Social Media Monitoring

Bark focuses on one of the main concerns of today's age. Social Media. It can make or break one's life. Bark mobile app London can help you to build your child's life without ruining the fun they should have. If you give permission, Bark can monitor text messages, photos, videos, emails, Youtube history and many more for you. In short, you can track every activity of your child's phone through Bark.

Along with that, Bark can also let you know if your child downloads any new mobile applications on the phone or tries to log in to an account from different devices. Apart from social media, The bark can notify you to identify and notify you about the teen slang keywords or red flag keywords along with serious problem patterns such as drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, bullying and many more. The Bark can help you make the right decision at the right time. You can even set the screen time, bedtime and so on for your kids. You can set a different time for every child.

How To Use The Bark?

There is no rocket science. All you have to do is download the mobile app, connect your child's account and choose the mobile apps you want the bark to monitor.

2) Norton Family - Family Protection with Antivirus

Norton Family made it to the list because, along with protecting the child, it also secures all the family devices from viruses, hackers and malware and bugs. The parental control of Norton Family provides a seamless mobile app solution. The Norton family has a dashboard providing all the necessary information. You can set the home rules, and it will notify you when any of your children break the rules or could not follow them properly.

You can set the screen limit on your children's phone for certain social media, games and so on. The Norton can block certain websites, apps, games, and social media on the child's device depending on their age automatically. You can even customize them on your own. You can even track your child's location to keep them safe. Norton Family can generate the reports weekly and monthly. It provides a 30 day free trial period; the actual price range starts from around $55. The price range can vary based on the plan you choose.

How To Use Norton Family?

You can download the mobile application, set your children's account and enter their age. Norton Family will automatically block the websites, games, social media platforms according to their age. It also allows you to customize your preferences for your child.

3) QUSTODIO - Multi-platform Monitoring

Qustodio provides the largest variety of parental control tools. Qustodio is suitable for every browser and operating system with free as well as premium plans. Qustodio allows parents to customize the control tool based on their concerns and requirements, along with what type of content their child can access and what they should block on every device. Qustodio also allows parents to block some contacts to call or send the text on their child's phone.

The premium version of Qustodio allows parents to view their child's text, social media activities, games and many more. Basically, they can control each and every activity of their child's phone. With the help of Qustodio, you can even set time for your child's social media, gaming time, dinner time, study time and so on. Qustodio is one of the best mobile app solutions for working parents who want to keep in touch with their children. Qustodio also has a panic button that allows the child to send a quick text with live location to the registered emergency number.

How To Use Qustodio?

You can install the Qustodio mobile application on your device, create an account and install the mobile application on your children's account. After that, all you have to do is follow the installation process and you are all set to use the Qustodio.

4) Net Nanny - Extensive Web Filter

Net nanny is on this list because of its comprehensive features and functionality. It has around 15 various adult categories to set filters on. Parents can block or restrict social media, web search, games and many more with the help of those categories. The AI functionality of the Net nanny blocks the website and web results based on the child's age automatically.

Along with that it also replaces the red flag keywords, swears words with ### so that even if you have any sensitive information on your phone, your child won't be able to learn that. The only thing that needs a Mobile app developer's attention is to enhance YouTube monitoring functionality. You can get the detailed report of YouTube search history but not the viewing history on the Net Nanny dashboard. Along with that it also provides basic functionalities such as screen limit time, keyword blocking, Screen usage report and so on.

How To Use Net Nanny?

You can install the Net Nanny on your device providing an email address and payment information. After that, you can install and login with the same login credentials on every device you want to track. Now you will be able to view your child's device activity on your Net Nanny dashboard.

5) Life 360 - Best-in-class Location Tracking

All the above listed mobile application development platforms have location tracking but none of them is as accurate as Life 360. Life 360 uses geo-tracking to provide information around the world accurately. It allows you to set and track the usual location of your child. Such as school, friend's place, Gaming place, library, relative's place and so on. It can notify you when they reach or leave a specific place. It also sends a reminder for unauthorized places.

You can even form a family or private circle on the mobile application. That allows every member of the family to chat in the app to feel less lonely, even if the child is alone somewhere. The mobile app sends an alert on the low battery of the child's phone as well. Apart from that, it offers basic features such as screen time tracking, emergency response, app usage notification and so on.

How To Use The Life 360 Mobile App?

You can easily install the mobile app on your device and send an invite code to your child's account. Enter the invite code in your child's app and you are all set to view your child's phone and access the dashboard.


These are the most amazing parental control mobile apps in the UK. As we all know, parental control apps are not a choice but a necessity of today's world. You can help all the parents around the world by hiring mobile app developers in London to develop the best and efficient parental control apps.

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