The pandemic has changed the meaning of fun for everyone. In the pre-pandemic, going out with friends, spending a Sunday evening with family was a perfect definition of fun for us. But watching favorite movies together, suggesting the best TV series according to mood is the definition of fun and love for us now.

Even our conversation starter with a crush has shifted from which place you have visited recently to which TV show you are watching right now. But what if you are lucky enough to get a reply back from your crush with a long list of masterpieces of movies to watch together and you don't even know where to watch them? Yeah, it can be the most embarrassing moment of your life. Don't worry, we have got your back.

We Have Listed the Top iPhone Movie Apps Where You Can Watch All the Latest Movies

1) Netflix

Netflix mobile app development has originated the term binge-watching for today's generation. It was originally founded in 1997 and this 24-year-old company is now ruling the world of OTT platforms. Even Though Netflix has hundreds of competitors, there is no mobile app development that can match the popularity of Netflix. There was a time when having a Netflix account was the definition of "Rich Kid" around the town. Sharing a Netflix account was a definition of best friends or more(I guess).

The best thing about Netflix is, it allows up to 5 different profiles with one subscription. You can even lock your profile so that even the other people with the same login ID password won't be able to access your profile. Along with movies, you can even watch various TV shows in many languages. You can even adjust the video quality, subtitle languages and audio languages as well. The users can even download different movies and can watch them even without the internet.

2) Amazon Prime

Yet Again, Amazon is being part of the market providing A to Z services and products around the globe. Amazon started online streaming services in 2006 and after 15 years, it has more than 170 million users now. Yes, you read the numbers right. The biggest reason for Amazon prime popularity is, along with providing various movies and TV series, it also provides benefits for Amazon orders as well such as same-day order delivery and so on.

Amazon Prime has various movies available for various genres even in multiple languages. No matter what genre you prefer, Amazon prime has always something amazing to offer for you. Same as Netflix, Amazon also allows up to 5 profiles for a single subscription. You can even create kids profiles as well. It will automatically restrict the content which is not suitable for kids to watch. So, you don't have to worry about a thing even if your child goes through entire Prime videos. You can even watch various shows on Amazon prime as well such as Harry Potter Reunion, Harry Potter Hogwarts tournaments and so on. Even if the movie you want to watch is not available on Amazon Prime, a similar movie suggestion will not disappoint you. You will always find something amazing to watch.

3) Disney + Hotstar

Hotstar was originally launched in 2015 and Disney acquired Hotstar in 2019. Hotstar is one of the competitors of Netflix and Prime videos. Hotstar has around 300 million free users and 43.7 million paid users right now. It has come a long way in so little time. This mobile app development platform is widely famous for live sports streaming. No matter which sports you follow, you can watch live streaming on Hotstar. So, next time whenever you want to have a get together with your friends, buy the subscription, call them over and enjoy the live streaming at the best.

Along with the cricket match streaming live, you can even watch various TV shows, movies and much more on Hotstar. You can pick your own genre and language and Hotstar will suggest the best movies that you can watch to kill your boredom. Hotstar allows only one user per subscription but, unlike Netflix and Amazon prime video, it is not necessary to buy a paid subscription. There are so many good movies available that you can watch even with a free account.

4) HBO Max

HBO always comes with something amazing. HBO Max launched its mobile application on 27th May 2020 and now they have around 70 million worldwide users even though it is available in selected countries only. On HBO Max you can watch almost every HBO movie no matter what it could be Harry Potter, Fast & Furious or The Hobbit. Along with that, you can even watch various special features as well such as the Harry Potter reunion and so on.

HBO Max has paid membership but it opens up doors to all the HBO movies and web series. You can literally have access to each and every HBO entertainment stuff. So, if you have HBO Max available in your country and you are an HBO fan, HBO Max membership is worth buying for.

5) Viki

If you love international content such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and so on, then Viki is your mobile app. This free mobile app was launched in 2010 and provides all the latest and classical movies and TV shows. The most amazing thing about Viki is you can access almost every movie and TV series for free. It could be one of the most amazing mobile apps to learn different languages through TV series. You don't have to worry about not understanding the language as it also shows the subtitles in English so yes you can watch and enjoy the movies without effort. P.s The Korean movies and TV series content are just so amazing that they can be addictive. And you know it won't hurt to explore different language movies as there is much more to follow in the Korean industry than just BTS.


Now, at least you know where to find amazing content to watch. You can choose any movie or TV series according to your mood. If you think something is missing about these mobile applications. Our mobile app developers have open ears for your requirements. All you have to do is Hire iPhone app developers, make them understand your requirements and it's done. Hyperlink Infosystem app developer will handle the rest.

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