There is cut-throat competition in social media applications; every mobile app wants to be better than rivals. However, one of them proved by being different, and that is none other than MeWe.

Yes, the features of the MeWe app are similar to other social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram, and others: where you can post images, videos, text each other, and more. The catch here is the no advertisement, no data collection policies. MeWe claims that they respect user's privacy; thus, they do not share or sell their data. The tagline of MeWe explains itself: Your private life is #Not4Sale.

Indeed, it creates lots of buzz among people and social media network businesses. MeWe, which started in 2012, is a successful app and has more than 6 million active users. The article will inform you about everything you should know about MeWe, the social network app. We will discuss the mobile application, features, and most of the budget. If you are an app developer or mobile app development company interested in developing a similar app, the blog is for you!

Let's Understand About MeWe Mobile App:

MeWe is a social media network app, and it is free to use for every user. The core of this mobile app is privacy; they focus on an ad-free experience and no data control. It is a next-gen social network mobile and web application. You can download the MeWe app from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Now, back to its popularity, it is because of business-centralized products that take companies and communication to an extreme level.

MeWe becomes more popular after the Facebook data privacy controversy. You can customize your feed in this app like you have control over your newsfeeds. You can choose which news you want to see and that you dislike and never want to see again. Moreover, they claim that they do not manipulate, change, or put the filter on the newsfeed, and they give control the users and their preferences.

Several features like customized stickers, newsfeed, video and voice support, 8 gigabytes of storage, and more are free to use. However, for extra features of the MeWe app, you need to pay $1.99 per month.

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It allows you to chat, interact with friends and family through video calls, group chat or call, and much more. You can even dedicate a newsfeed to your closed ones, have private as well as open groups. It is not merely for personal use; you can utilize it for business purposes. They also have marvelous features like a custom camera, GIFs, 1:1 individual and group chats, live video, and voice. Since it is a next-gen social media network mobile app, you get personalized member profiles for each group, personal social cloud, and many others globally. Even if you can disappear your content and chat, sounds impressive.

Features To Consider For Building A MeWe App:

Before we get into the clone cost of the MeWe app, be clear about the features you will require to include in the mobile app development. These features are primary and essential; some exclusive features make MeWe different from others and stand out from other social media platforms.

User Registration and Sign Up

Though MeWe does not take users' data, they need to give basic information for creating a profile. Hence, user registration is a must-have feature for social network apps like MeWe. However, the app asks if the user is 16 age or above; you can add this if you want to. They have a single and simple user registration process; after that, the app asks for profile creation. Here, they need to provide details like name, gender, birth date, email address, profile picture, and much more. It is a mandatory process that every social network app has to apply.

Therefore, whenever users open the app, they need to log in by giving their email id and password. Nowadays, users have access to sign up or log in through third-party social media networks.

Secure Messaging Feature

MeWe must build on the privateness & data of users as a component of clone social media apps. Establishing an influential user authorization architecture can greatly influence MeWe development costs for apps- but it is a significant step towards improving mobile application security by keeping all operations at the point. Messages remain at the top of any social networking app's most prominent features. End-to-end encryption of social networking applications such as MeWe removes cyber security problems, including costs associated with the development of MeWe apps.

The fun of instant messaging complies with the need for MeWe App development – from chatting to sharing media files, customized stickers, hilarious GIFs, and other entertaining things to interact with users. MeWe believes in building a robust community all over the world.

Efficient User Search

An excellent search option increases your app's usability, regardless of its purpose. So make it possible for users to find friends, groups, or any community of interest through a filtered search function. In assessing the cost of starting a MeWe App, developers are seriously concerned about the design of the user interface- since it is pivotal. The advanced features will make it unique from others, and the users will take more interest in your mobile app than they usually do.

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Cost Estimate For Creating Mobile App Similar To MeWe App

So far, we understand that MeWe is an exclusive app and wants to stand out completely different from other social media network apps. Thus, there is no particular cost to create a mobile app like the MeWe app. However, it will cost nearly $20,000-$40,000, and the price will increase if you like to add advanced features.

Final Words

It is no surprise that a mobile app like MeWe is going to be the next big thing. People started having doubts about social media because of the increasing cyber bullying and crime, but you can prove it wrong by developing secure and reliable social networking mobile apps.

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