People around the globe have started taking their health seriously. They are using various types of fitness routines, diets, exercises and so on to keep their life healthy and fit. Various mobile apps help the users to keep track of their activities accurately.

If we talk about the stats, the mobile application Strava has more than 76 million active users and reportedly adds one million every month. But do you know what Strava is? Strava is a fitness tracking mobile application that lets athletes track their activities and help them achieve their goals.

What Is a Strava Mobile Application?

Just mentioned above, Strava is a fitness tracking mobile application that majorly works on GPS. Athletes can register themselves and track their physical activities setting up the goals they want to achieve. Along with that, the app developers have provided a social media touch to the app that allows users to share their workout activities and goals with each other. Users can invite their friends as well.

The basic functionalities of Strava depend on data analytics. It offers accurate data based on users' performance analysis, training monitoring and various other things. But as the same mobile application exists, it would be a dumb choice to develop the same mobile application but still, you can develop a fitness tracking mobile application utilizing core features of the Strava. So, let's explore the core features and functionalities of fitness tracking mobile apps like Strava.

The Core Features of a Fitness Tracking App Like Strava

Features for the mobile application like Strava decide the future of the mobile application. So, keep in mind to do the proper research about the features you include in your mobile applications. You should offer the features that your users want to have in the mobile application rather than focusing on the features that the others are offering or makes you stand out.

Being in the industry of mobile app development, we would like to offer you a pro tip that target audience research should be your first and foremost priority. Taking Strava as an example, the reason for its success is the strong target audience research. They offered the solution that their users wanted. They allowed their users to connect with each other, understanding their requirements of needing to be in touch with people of a similar kind. So, if you are planning on designing a similar application add features that Strava or other competitor mobile apps have missed. Additionally, to guarantee the greatest convenience, you want to ensure the application can interface and get information from different trackers.

GPS Tracking

For different games that incorporate significant distances, GPS tracking could end up being a fundamental element for an activity tracker application. The features of Strava progressed GPS tracking which permits users to see their routes, their speed, and time, and compare them with the other world or their friends progressively. The worldwide positioning system likewise permits Strava to make directions within the app, and draw the particulars for the client on the map.

Tracking for Various Sports

While Strava also has restricted itself to a couple of sports, you can take a step forward by including as many sports as you can. While most recreation players would have the desire to know the profundities, they could absolutely utilize things like time activities, calories consumed or burned and so on. You can basically follow all the vitals during the exercise and show them to the users or could utilize some high-level analysis on account of certain sports to assist the users with getting better in that specific sport.

Multiple Device Support

The only thing that can help you achieve your targets as early as you can is to reach out to as many users as you can. The thing that helps you reach out to many more users can be achieved with the synchronization with various mobile devices and fitness trackers. This one can get a piece precarious if you are skipping to hiring app developers from a well-known app development company. As the list would continue to grow at regular intervals with new device releases, attempt to oblige as many devices as you can.

Personal Profile and Badges

To ensure personalization is taken to the user's level, you should add an option to make an individual profile for the users. To give an individual touch to a user's profile, add badges that confirm their accomplishments for the mobile application, alongside what they decide to share. This is a highly recommended feature to make the mobile application turn your simple mobile application into a social fitness mobile app.


GPS map integration can assist users and athletes to get better control over their fitness activities. Numerous fitness-tracking or Health mobile apps pass up the potential chance to integrate maps and GPS into their mobile applications, and the users are left abandoned all alone. Maps act as extreme functionalities for those looking for experience and having a GPS-empowered map can draw a ton of users to utilizing your fitness-oriented mobile application.

Fitness Analytics

Fitness Analytics helps users with ideas to work on their exercises and witness activities and let something really valuable bumble. You can basically utilize analytics to provide users with a wide range of suggestions, expecting they opt-in for it. In the more drawn-out run, fitness analytics will likewise assist you with setting the application in a more user-focused manner, which would mean enhanced user engagement and a superior user experience.

Challenge Friends

When it comes to fitness, we always need motivation that is what Strava offers to its users as a challenge a friend feature. Your mobile application ought to have this feature, despite the fact that it is not possible for the exercises, and you should utilize different assets like GPS. If you have any desire to offer a really friendly competition on the application, make sure to include this magnificent mobile app feature.


A mobile application like Strava wins over the users as they are smart and focused and they support a community sense where everybody wants to be a part of something greater than he is the point at which he tracks the distance he ran. Social networks for athletes are an extraordinary chance for any business to fabricate a community of devoted members, endeavoring to win a challenge in your product. Besides, don't get demotivated just because of the competition you are going to face. A team of proficient app developers from top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you be the best in your industry no matter what your requirements can be.


Q. How much does it cost to make an app like Strava?

As the mobile app development cost depends on various factors, the app development cost for a mobile application like Strava can cost anything between $30,500 to $170,000 based on the client's requirements.

Q. Is there a better app than Strava?

You can not compare any other app with the Strava app as every mobile application offers various different features and functionalities. But you can reach out to the app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem to own a better mobile app than Strava.

Q. How does Strava make money?

Strava makes money through subscription fees, sponsored events and various other monetization methods.

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