Despite severe time restrictions, travel, or other obligations, it makes perfect sense to remain active in sports to balance the stressful everyday life and keep your shape. It's not just diet that plays an important role if you want to keep fit, and building muscle, strength and endurance in general are important aspects of a healthy life.

So, if you have to do without a visit to the fitness gym, you can be active with all kinds of apps and various workouts on the Internet and keep yourself fit with free workouts and exercises at home.

So that you too can move easily from home with little expenditure of time, we are introducing you to various apps and websites for home training today. Whether you use it to fulfil your New Year's resolution, get your summer body in shape or act against boredom in dreary winter is entirely up to you. Depending on the app, you can do individual exercises or entire workouts. Complete training plans for training over several weeks are also provided in some apps.

Whether strength training, endurance sports, or losing weight, the right fitness apps by healthcare app developers can help achieve goals that you have set for yourself. There is now an almost unmanageable number of such applications in Play Store and App Store.

Best Fitness Apps: Practical Support During Training

1) J&J App

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout is a fitness app that is unreservedly recommended for both beginners and advanced users. Clear and concise menu navigation, as well as a graphically appealing design, make the use of this application a pleasure. It's great that different levels are offered. So, everyone can make the right settings according to their personal fitness. A total of 20 different trainings with different exercises are available. The combination in the 7-minute workout is ideal for inserting the training in between even during stressful workdays. A reminder function and a success control complete this coherent overall package.

2) Back-training App

A well-known pharmaceutical company developed the back-training app. In contrast to other fitness apps, certain functions do not have to be activated for a fee through in-app purchase. But in this case, free doesn't mean bad. Anyone who can come to terms with the fact that the company has discreetly incorporated recommendations for their drugs in some places can benefit significantly from this app. The 24 simple exercises for a strong back are clearly demonstrated using short videos. So, they can be implemented independently, whether at home, at work or on vacation. There is also extensive information on the subject of back pain and a practical pharmacy search.

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3) Strong App

When strength training and muscle building are on the agenda, fitness apps can help in many ways. Our recommendation in this area is called Strong. The application works as a kind of digital logbook and helps to approach the training in a structured manner. Not only can exercises be selected from an extensive catalogue from bench press to squat, but your exercises can also be added in no time. Top performances are always logged and serve as excellent motivation to push your limits further and set new records.

4) MyFitnessPal App

Shedding pounds with the support of fitness apps and finally losing weight successfully? It doesn't have to remain a dream. If you want to pursue your goal conscientiously and in a disciplined manner, you will receive valuable support from the MyFitnessPal app. The remarkable thing about this application is that it can be linked to numerous popular fitness trackers in no time at all. This way, significant synergies can be used. Consumed calories are automatically integrated into the nutrition plan with MyFitnessPal. A barcode scanner ensures that meals can be entered very conveniently. Alternatively, this can also be done by hand. While the diary function and recipe suggestions are free, the user has to dig a little deeper into their pockets for nutritional information and other functions. The monthly subscription costs 9.99 euros - still much cheaper than the membership fee in most fitness studios.

5) Seven - The 7 Minute Training Challenge App

Another highly recommended fitness app is Seven - The 7 Minute Challenge. This is very much based on continuity and drill. Anyone who skips three training sessions a month will be reset to their original state and thus punished. This should contribute to motivation and maintain the daily training routine.

It's easy to do at home and all you need is a chair, a wall, and yourself. Pictures, videos, timers and instructions should explain, made clear and simplify the training. Comprehensive feedback shows you your progress and motivates you anew every day. The state-of-the-art app for the ultimate fitness challenge from Sweden doesn't even need an internet connection. So, there are no other excuses why you shouldn't start home training too.

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6) Freeletics App

Another app that is only based on exercises with your own bodyweight is Freeletics Bodyweight. The developers of the app entirely rely on a simple concept. Uncomplicated exercises only with your own body weight are part of the training program, and the workouts last between five and thirty minutes.

It is recommended to exercise daily. Depending on how much time you have, you can adapt your workout perfectly. The different levels of difficulty also suit everyone who wants to train. There are over 900 workouts that provide plenty of variety in everyday training. If you decide to purchase the paid version of Freeletics Bodyweight, you can also get an online coach. He will then support you with the workouts, give you essential tips and analyze your daily performance level to optimize your progress as quickly as possible.


In addition to the fitness apps, there are countless free workout videos on Instagram and YouTube. You should ensure that your trainer is certified or is otherwise professionally qualified. Because in some of the free social media videos, you get presented with incorrect exercises or other scientifically hair-raising training theories. Therefore, you can trust any of the listed apps.

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