Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives in this digital world. We can't even think about living without it, as our lifestyle has incorporated this tiny device immensely. Moreover, considering the fact that we are using our smartphones 7-8 hours a day doing a lot of things, it's pretty important to pay heed to battery life too.

Battery drainage is the main setback of modern smartphones, which is why more people are seeking mobiles with maximum mAH to give them full battery life. However, despite that, the mobile apps in the phone, ads constantly popping up, malware, etc., leads to battery drainage problems.

Battery saver apps have become necessary for smartphone users. These mobile apps are exclusively created to minimize power consumption on android phones, saving battery when your phone is not active.

Like many of us, if you are also a victim of high battery drainage, welcome to this blog that lists the top 8 battery-saving apps you use in 2021.

Top 8 Battery Saving Mobile Apps To Use In 2021

1. Battery Doctor App

battery doctor app

Battery Doctor app is developed by Cheetah Mobile and is a top feature-rich app. This app is completely free to use and makes the battery last longer.

A few most useful features of this app include power saving, battery monitoring, and power optimization. Moreover, this app allows you to check your phone's battery level easily.

You can also track particular apps and functions that are draining your phone battery. Besides, you can tailor some battery drain settings such as Bluetooth, GPS, brightness, WiFi, mobile data, etc.

Battery Doctor supports over 28 languages. And you can optimize the battery with just one click.

Key Features

  • It comes in 28 plus languages.
  • It can tailor particular settings.
  • It has a straightforward and user-friendly UI.
  • It can optimize battery life based on your app type.
  • The app shows battery charge in real-time and precisely estimates the remaining charge time.

2. Avast Battery Saver App

This is a fantastic app that manages energy consumption and removes unnecessary tasks. This is a feature-rich app, and the most valuable features of this app are the 5 power consumption profiles and the task killer. Moreover, the profile also includes features such as viewers and notifications.

Avast battery saver app comes with one master switch. And this switch helps you to turn on or off the battery saver app with your fingertips. The smart tech examines how much battery life is left and shows you the same.

Key Features

  • The app has a simple UI.
  • Optimizes your device as needed and as per your backup battery.
  • Detects the apps that absorb the most battery and inactivates them permanently.

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3. Yellow Battery App

This is an android app offering one-click optimization, which helps in enhanced battery life. This app's top feature is power optimization, helping in improving the battery life up to 50%. Moreover, its smart to save model allows you to monitor and examine the battery uses and power consumption to know which apps are causing battery drain.

Yellow Battery enables you to stop the apps from draining the battery from your phone. And due to its top-notch features, this app is considered one of the top mobile saving apps.

4. GSAM Battery Monitor App

This app is your ultimate savior if you are facing quick battery drainage and if you need to know the time left to charge your battery. You need to give the app particular details about battery usage. It will help recognize the certain apps that exhaust your battery life the most. Using this info, you can easily take preventive steps and boost your smartphone's battery life.

Key Features

  • It shows graphs to help picturised battery usage.
  • This app provides access to a lot of info, helping you make an insightful decision.

5. DU Battery Power Saver App

du battery power saver app

DU Battery Power Saver app has over 400 million active users globally and is considered one of the top battery-saving apps. This app offers up to 50% more battery power on your android phones. This battery saver app has some fantastic features such as smart charge, one-touch controls, a healthy battery charger stage, guarantees long-lasting battery life, and much more.

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6. 360 Battery Saver Plus App

360 Battery Saver Plus app extends your battery life and decreases charging time under the power-saving mode. This app offers various handy tools ensuring quick mobile charging, monitoring battery drainage, battery life-extending, and rendering overall smartphone security. The most remarkable features of this app are battery details, memory boost, battery saving mode, task killer, charging info., etc.

7. Greenify App

This app is free-to-use and puts all apps that exhaust your phone's battery into hibernation mode. This restricts them from accessing any resources or bandwidth. However, this app's genius is that once they have hibernated, they can still use them. So, it's up to you when you wish to use the apps and when you want to hibernate them.

Key Features

  • The app is compatible with Android and iOS OSs.
  • You can change the settings as per different apps.
  • You don't have to provide any personal details at all.

8. Servicely App

This app ceases all services that are running in the background, extending the battery life. Moreover, you can also reduce malicious apps to secure your smart device, and the app also prevents them from syncing each time. This feature is great if you want to download a specific app but don't want to sync.

Key Features

  • Super customizable with lots of features.
  • Doesn't let malicious apps damage your smartphone.
  • Stops background activities, extending battery life.

Final Thoughts

This is the list of top battery saver apps you need to know for your android phone. You can download any one of these to improve battery life and smartphone performance. If you consider developing one such app and seeking a reliable mobile app development company, get in touch with the Hyperlink InfoSystem app development team to help you create a unique battery-saving app.

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