Whenever we browse through anything, the first thing we notice is the design and shape of those things, whether it could be a building, cloth or even a mobile application. We all know there are millions of things we need to construct a proper building, the same goes for websites and mobile applications.

App development companies use various tools and technologies to develop a perfect mobile application. Various tools support different parts of the app development process, such as design, development, quality assurance, and even testing functionality.

As we get curious about the app design the most, we should browse through the tools that can help mobile app designers to create UI designs.

What Are The Top UI Design Tools For Mobile Apps?

1) Adobe Photoshop

One of the most popular tools Adobe Photoshop has been one of the most preferred choices of every app designer. Adobe Photoshop is compatible with Mac and Windows as well. This app design software provides various facilities that can help designers to design single-page websites, complex mobile applications and everything in between. With regards to pixel-based designs, this software has the best commodity choices. What's likewise significant, Photoshop users can deal with the nature of their illustrations definitively with this tool.

2) Sketch

The sketch is one more exceptionally well-known design software, generally utilized by originators around the world. It is an iOS-based apparatus that costs $99 each year. You can check this item out free of charge during a 30-day trial period. Very much like with Adobe Photoshop, learning the fundamentals of Sketch is simple. Be that as it may, dominating this tool impeccably takes time and effort.

A sketch is a cutting-edge design tool that is centered around mobile app UI/UX design. Sketch makes a joint effort with different designers to make the team efforts more valuable. With its libraries, the software users can construct, update and share a single hotspot for a given design component. Sharing styles and images across various archives is simple with Sync Cloud. Sketch has various other ton of helpful modules.

3) InVision

InVision is one of the most easy-to-learn app design software as it is designed by the designers for the designers. This software is perfect for making intuitive interactive models and mockup plans. You can share your InVision records with your team inside the application for a simple and smooth coordinated effort. Talking about projects inside the application in remarks is very convenient as well.

InVision is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari programs. It costs $99 each month for limitless models for one team. You can evaluate the module with the expectation of complimentary while working with another model.

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4) Avocode

Avocode can barely be known as software for UI plans. One can not make models or designs in it. In any case, this product is very valuable for working with plans. In Avocode, you can drag, drop and share any design, import plan models, export layers, and talk about any design in the comments close to it.

You can clarify a picked design area, discuss the progressions in strings and even tell other team members by labeling them. Essentially, Avocode can cover the work process from model to code.

It costs $14 each month for one client and $90+ each month for groups. You can check it out during a 7-day free trial for testing. Avocode is not difficult to learn and dominate thanks to its natural point of interaction.

5) 3Ds Max

This is an in-vogue app design software that app designers use to deliver, animation, and 3D demonstrations. With 3ds Max designers can make noteworthy 3D animations and, generally talking, any 3D model they need to make.

3ds Max has an incredibly supportive library of 3D substances one can get for their ventures. Likewise, there is a large number of supportive content that assist app designers with helping their efficiency and designing speed. It was created considering game design perception. The only crucial thing about the 3DS is that it is really costly. It costs $1,545.00/year. You can try a 30-day free trial. It is very simple to learn.

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6) Mockups

Mockups is another strong yet basic modern design tool. Mockups have basic intuitive usefulness. This proficient yet straightforward versatile application design software makes prototyping simpler.

With this software, web designers can make mockups and models for mobile apps, web and even desktop products. Mockups have a ton of helpful symbols and a module for Sketch.

It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android and comes at $199 per client each year.

You can likewise download a free trial version with restricted usefulness. This UI design software allows you to build and interface intuitive components and pages.

7) Figma

In Figma, one can discover 60fps intuitive editing. It permits you to scale your design for any screen. In addition, there is a natural pen device. Team libraries make imparting styles and parts to your team easy. This UI design tool allows app designers to make models and application UI plans effectively and rapidly.

Figma is designed software that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It costs somewhere in the range of $12 and $45+ each month and you can give it a shot with a free individual plan. Figma is an interesting design software since it is program-based. It implies that you do not have to stress over introducing its most recent rendition and compatibility issues.


Apart from all the above-listed UI design tools, there are various other tools that app designers around the globe use to design websites and mobile applications. All the design software and tools surely make the design process easy but it does not eliminate the efforts designers have to put in to deliver user-friendly app designs. To get accurate outcomes, you should hire app designers from app development companies. They not only help with the app design process but also fulfill requirements of e-commerce store design, website design, game design and much more.


Q. Which app is best for UI UX design?

There are various apps available for UI/UX design. You can choose the best one based on your preferences.

Q. What are the UX tools?

UX tools help the software designers with the research, plan, designing, developing and testing of their digital and physical work.

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