What has become the best business during this pandemic situation? Delivering the food to the threshold of your house. Right? There is numerous application that provides you the facility to have your goods at your doorstep. They are called delivery apps. Swiggy has already started to expand its business from just being a food delivery app to an overall delivery app.

If you starting up and thinking of building an application like Postmates or Grubhub then I will suggest that it’s a very good idea. But you will require a lot of patience and research to build an application like this.

Because you just don’t want to make an application and get rid of it. You want to compete with the bigger delivery applications like the Zomato app and Swiggy delivery.

Grubhub and Postmates are the companies that provide you the food delivery services. Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013 and before that, they were basically the same in the features. On the other hand, Postmates is the cheapest one its delivery fee ranges from 3.99-9.99 $. The subscription of $20 will provide you the free food above the orders of $20.

There are some rules and protocols that you just need to follow while you are making an application like this. Also, try to make a cheaper food delivery app. Let’s start with the market research.

1) Market Research

Market research is the first and foremost thing to do before you start building your application. Food delivery apps are like those kinds of apps that have the most competitive market.

Hire a good project manager for your app development who can provide you the exact market research about the food ordering apps, Be precise with what information you seek.

  • Who is your targetted audience?
  • Are you able to manage the areas which yet unmanageable by several food ordering applications?
  • How can you be in the Spotlight?

2) What Is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is also an integral part of building an application. To analyze is to look out for the demand of your application. With the help of good business analysis, you can build the cheapest food delivery app.

What kind of audience you are going to deal with?

Some restaurants are looking to promote their services online. Can your application do that?

Also, food delivery apps provide a good job opportunity to those people who are willing to work with flexible hours.

More importantly, some people like to pay extra charges to get the food delivered at their exact location.

Here is the Basic business model canvas for your food delivery app.

3) What Is Unique That You Are Going to Do?

That’s what your targeted audience is looking for. They already have their ordinary food delivery applications. So why they will move to you and trust the whole new movement? That’s a big question mark.

But don’t worry we have sorted it out for you.

You can use your limited resources and with that, the cost of the food delivery app and website will be reduced. With that, you can make the cheapest food delivery app.

Also, you can try to deliver to the areas which are not available in many applications. You will have to do thorough research for that.

4) Go With the Flow

To stay competitive you will have to focus on the trends going on around you. But trends should not be supposed conflictive. It can affect your market cap. Let’s say for instant Artificial Intelligence development. AI is great power in generating applications also AI is a trend.

  • Where Does AI Work in the Food Delivery Apps?

You can provide your risers with Machine learning platforms from which they can see the offers directly on their menu relevantly. This works by analyzing the incoming information of the user like what they’ve searched on google recently or what they have ordered recently.

Provide a chatbox and speech recognition technology. This works far better than anything. You will get to know the intentions of your users by using this also by talking with them you will be able to build a place in their hearts.

  • What Is Stopping You to Use Push Notifications?

Nothing, right? Let me explain this to you. When you order the food and food arrives from your favorite food delivery app the delivery boy calls you. Isn’t it more disruptive than just sending a push notification? With this push notification service, you will be able to send them the details about upcoming discounts too.


In the end, I will like to suggest you build a food delivery app if you are thinking of building an application. Because it has a solid validation in the upcoming future. Also, people won’t stop eating food. You will just have to work 24/7 for it to get it done. So let your hopes rise and get ready to build the cheapest food delivery app.

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