Salesforce is a CRM platform designed to bring all the processes related to our clients together in a single solution. And the data is stored in the cloud. Thus, this tool provides all the departments of your organization, including those of marketing, sales, customer service or electronic commerce, a unified and updated view of everything that happens with customers thanks to this integrated platform.

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  • What Is Salesforce Used For?
  • How Does Salesforce Work?
  • What Are Salesforce Modules?
  • What Modules Does Salesforce Have?
  • Conclusion

What Is Salesforce Used For?

Like any CRM platform, Salesforce is designed and directed to give your customers more personalized experiences, providing them with intelligence and connected at scale to customers in any channel.

With Salesforce, you can take care of such relevant aspects as:

  • Capture more potential customers using more personalized marketing.
  • Gain more clients by taking advantage of the knowledge of their needs and concerns.
  • Offer shopping experiences based on the tastes and preferences of your consumers.
  • Solve and manage customer service problems through any of the unified channels it offers.
  • Automate tasks with the creation of custom applications.

How Does Salesforce Work?

The main feature of Salesforce development is that it runs in the cloud and that all its applications are developed by Salesforce developers and hosted online, allowing users to access it from anywhere or from any device.

This also benefits its implementation by not using hardware installations or applications in your company. Also, the presence of a team of technicians to maintain the platform is not necessary.

Salesforce also has a powerful collection of applications and integrations that, through APIs or connectors, can expand and improve the capabilities in these systems, granting read and write power so that the data you access is always up-to-date.

What Are Salesforce Modules?

For Salesforce, the success of your business is based on the optimal implementation of processes, avoiding unnecessary complications. Salesforce is composed of modules or what is popularly known as Salesforce clouds, which are nothing other than the different bodies that the tool has to organize the day-to-day life of your company depending on the casuistry they solve.

Its main feature is its connectivity since it creates and helps you to have a global vision of various departments, such as Marketing and Sales, and to relate their reports helping to make the best decisions.

Although Salesforce is constantly updating its products and implementing new modules based on market needs, currently, there are several Salesforce clouds or modules such as Salesforce Customer 360, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Platform Cloud.

What Modules Does Salesforce Have?

There are various Salesforce modules and their implementation will depend on the needs of your company. And it is that another of the advantages of this tool is its adaptability so that you do not have to contract all its licenses but those that you are going to exploit and those that you are going to take advantage of.

1) Salesforce Customer 360

It is a tool that will allow you to obtain bi-directional information on each of the stages in which a sales process is found. Its main objective is to create unified experiences with the customer and its main advantages include its connection with other modules of the company, such as Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Commerce Cloud or different external applications, which creates a full Salesforce integration that makes you have a complete view of everything without leaving this platform.

2) Sales Cloud

In this case, we find a module that offers exhaustive monitoring of the state of a sales process, considering the first contact with the potential customer until the end of the purchase or the relationship.

Sales Cloud offers the ability to contact customers whenever necessary, track conversations or interactions, create profiles of current or potential customers. Its control of everything is such that it allows to make reports and obtain many valuable data and metrics that, once analyzed, will help decision-making for the creation of strategies that increase the possibilities of sale.

3) Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This is undoubtedly the ideal platform for the creation of marketing campaigns, but like everything in Salesforce, it brings one more step in its integration by being in connection with the Sales platform, allowing data to be crossed and getting to know more potential customers. which will increase the chances of conversion.

Marketing Cloud includes a complete solution that covers various types of marketing actions, offering multichannel experiences to connect with the customer at the most opportune moment and with the most appropriate channel that facilitates their conversion. All this as always with the aim of increasing customer acquisition and maximizing sales.

4) Service Cloud

Service Cloud was created to enhance customer satisfaction or as a service for your customers. It is made up of several modules that are adapted to the different needs depending on the activity that each company that implements it needs, so it would not be necessary to acquire the full license.

5) Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best platform for e-commerce in your company. With it, you will reach more buyers through different digital channels and they will manage orders creating satisfying experiences through personalized functions that will delight your customers, whether you are a B2B or B2C.

6) Salesforce Platform Cloud

This platform allows you to create, run and manage different applications hosted in the cloud in an optimal, fast and secure way. Its main objective is to create applications to connect with your customers through personalized experiences.

The tool is very easy and intuitive, since, through different forms most of the time, you will only have to drag and drop.


Once you know what Salesforce is and many of the benefits that its implementation could bring to your company, you may ask yourself whether it is really suitable for your type of company or for your sector of activity. You can contact Hyperlink InfoSystem - a Salesforce development company and we will assist you with the proper implementation of the solutions offered by Salesforce.

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