The pandemic has brought many changes all over the globe. Learning online is one of them. As social distancing is a thing now the need to work from home and learn from home is also become a thing. Well, it is nothing but the circumstance that forced the global population to turn towards working from home.

The work is made easy with the help of video conferencing applications. We can take zoom as an example, well it is an amazing platform to conduct the meetings online. It is observed that in the month of March 2020 there was a total of 62 million downloads of video conferencing applications, that too in a week.

Well from the data given you must think that entering the market of developing the video conferencing application will be the greatest choice. Well, you are not thinking wrong at all. But you will need some guidance to get through there.

Why are we here? We are here just for that. To teach you how you can build an application like zoom and what essential features and functions will you need to do so.

Why Should You Develop such an application like Zoom?

1) Its Value

Well, your first object in creating the video chat application will be earning money. Yes, it will be, doesn’t matter how much you resist it. Video conferencing applications will definitely help you rise in the market. 

Global market insights have predicted that the video chat application market value will rise to $50 billion by 2026. And Covid 19 literally helped the business to grow, because of the decrease in social togetherness the value of video conferencing applications has upraised.

No doubt that these video conferencing applications like zoom, google meet, and MS Teams will be the best top applications all around the globe in the nearest future.

2) Scope of the Market

I am not saying that this video chat application is useful for only businesses. There are several other scopes such as the education industry. To a recent report, 10% of the video conferencing market is held by the education industry.

3) Their Popularity

The popularity of video conferencing applications is rising day by day. Yes, it was not in any spotlight before the pandemic came, but after the pandemic, these applications have become the lifeline for small businesses and also some large organizations.

It also helped the education industry in several ways. According to the reports of Statista it is observed that there is a 100% increase in downloads of the video-conferencing application.

How To Create An Application Like Zoom?

1) Do Your Proper Market Research

You will have to conduct a perfect market analysis in order to build an application, particularly this video-conferencing application. You may look for the plans of your competitors and compare them to yours.

Do not ever forget to add some extra things to your application, such as a special discount, some extraordinary features, and more of them.

2) Application Design

Once you have an idea about the market research you can make the design yourself. Entirely it is dependent on your app for millennials, attractive designs, and utilizing a bright color scheme.

If you are willing to allure your businesses, precisely other businesses you can do that with this application by using soothing colors. But keep in mind that you should make an intuitive design such as a zoom application.

3) Back-end Development of Your Application

Well, you must admire the process of application development while you are doing back-end development. This is a very complicated process and also it is the backbone of application development.

The back-end development includes the different functionality of your app development and for the record the back-end development changes with the change in application design.

4) Testing the Application

The final stage in building this kind of application is testing. Well, it is the final and the last but it is also the most crucial part of the making of an application.

Before even releasing the beta version of your video conferencing application you should run a test among your customers to know the probability of any bug in your application.

Now let’s talk about the cost estimation of building an application like zoom.

There are some factors that affect the cost of developing an application like zoom. Such as the Features and functionality of the application, complexity of the app, location of app development, the size of your app development team, and finally the platform of the application. All these factors affect while making an application like zoom.

This kind of application may cost you around $50000 or more according to the functionality of your application.


In the end, I will just like to add that developing an application is a one-time investment. You can earn money from apps like zoom for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for start building an application like zoom?

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