Everything evolves with time; even social media is not an exception as well. We have updated how we used to communicate with each other over the years. Telephones took the place of Letters, Mobile phones took the place of Telephones, and now we have various social media apps to communicate with each other. Along with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, now we have another new social media app - Clubhouse.

What Is a Clubhouse?

Former Google engineers developed a new social media app named Clubhouse. Even though it is a social media application, there is nothing common between Clubhouse and any other social media application.

Unlike all the usual apps, users can not join the app directly by installing the app development and creating an account. Users need to have an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user. Unlike other social media platforms, it does not allow users to share photos and videos; rather, it is more like an audio network. This audio network allows the host and the audience to have one-on-one conversations. Along with that, there are moderators as well that allow the audience to speak.

The Clubhouse has invitation-only access to the rooms, and there is no chance that anyone can record the conversation and share it on other platforms. It makes the Clubhouse conversation exclusive only to the clubhouse members.

Along with the conversation rooms, there are clubs as well. The clubs bring users with common interests together. Users can create clubs only if they have created at least 3 rooms and have crossed a certain level of interaction in Clubhouse. Users can create several rooms inside the clubs.

The only common thing between the Clubhouse app and other social media applications is that they allow users to earn through their platform. So, even if you spend much more time on social media app development like Clubhouse, you can still turn it into an earning opportunity following the below-listed ways.

Ways To Earn Money From The Clubhouse App


Every business out there needs investments. And there are people out there who actually want to invest but never got a perfectly suitable business. You can provide that platform through the clubhouse room. You can create a room where the audience can pitch their business ideas to entertainers, investors, and even celebrities. If you are knowledgeable enough, you can even advise the audience with investing tips and ideas for market growth and how they can promote their business as well. But you should be able to handle the criticism and feedback well. The responses to the advice and tips sessions can be brutal sometimes.

Sponsored Rooms

Clubhouse allows users to create public, social, and private rooms for the audience. You can leverage this facility to create close sponsored rooms. You can let the listeners know beforehand about the close room communication allowing them to pay registration fees for the invitation. You can provide them with quality content such as inviting high-profile speakers to do the session or big-name celebrities to perform live for the closed group listeners only. You can earn hosting a virtual concert to the listeners on a free social media app.

Membership Fee

As mentioned above, the clubs on the clubhouse app allow users to join the clubs based on their interests. You can create the clubs and invite the listeners to join them by paying membership fees. You can provide exclusive content for club members only. The creators can charge the fees based on the popularity of the club.

Brand Collaboration

The Clubhouse provides various opportunities for brand collaboration. Suppose you have a strong listener base based on a specific interest. You can collaborate with the idol of that specific interest group to join your club or provide a guest session for your audience to contact entrepreneurs that are open to partnerships directly. You can keep those rooms paid or reserved only for your members.

Discussion Rooms

If you think you are an expert in your domain or have knowledge that can help people or hold a discussion, you can create paid rooms and clubs that share the information based on that topic only. Whether you are a domain expert with many money-making ideas or a marvel fan who knows more than the other fans, use the Clubhouse as your earning opportunity.


What is the point of a social networking app if you won't even use it as the networking platform, right? One of the most amazing things about the Clubhouse is its versatile audience base. It includes various celebrities, artists, multimillionaire CEOs, small business owners, and various others. You can close rooms or invite-only clubs that help them to connect with each other to grow more together.

Become A Panelist

Clubhouse modernized the in-the-talk approach by providing a virtual stage where you can be a part of the panel and share your thoughts and inputs. With a significant amount of followers or influence, you can charge to be part of a club or room and get paid for speaking or holding a guest session for the specific club members.

Advertise Your Product/Service

You have heard about social media marketing, right? There is one more social media app development that you can use to advertise your products and services. You can create open rooms to talk about your products and services for the target audience. But find an interactive way to do that as users can "leave quietly" if you'll bore them talking all about your sale.

Content Creation

If you think you know how exactly the Clubhouse works, you can help businesses with your expertise. You can help businesses promote their services and products through the Clubhouse or help clubhouse users write the perfect profile bio that can attract more followers or form their room content for more reach.


There is no social media platform that does not allow users to earn. Or we can say users find their ways to earn even through social media platforms. If you think you can earn more through social media app development like Clubhouse, reach out to our app developers. We will help you develop an app like a clubhouse after providing accurate clubhouse app development costs.

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