Salesforce Lightning Experience is characterized by being more intuitive and intelligent, which brings the benefits of the mobile interface to its use on desktop devices.

What The Migration To Salesforce Lightning CRM Entail

Enabling Lightning Experience in the organization has a great impact on the Salesforce configuration. There are new functionalities in the sales processes that must be adapted to the business. These functionalities are very positive since the sales process becomes easy and very visual by converting the process of candidates, contacts, opportunities, and billing to the Kanban methodology.

Who Needs Code?

Salesforce Lightning has "Quick App-Building", which is a Lightning application generator or App Builder. This allows you to design applications, home pages or record pages in a much more customizable way than a page layout. Within Lightning, this process of creating applications becomes intuitive. No code, just a manual configuration from scratch or with apps already developed.

In addition to "Design System", the API to unify the back-end and front-end for the client was necessary before, but now the tools necessary for this process are naturally synchronized as it happens within the CRM. This has made it possible to greatly improve performance, much less calls to the "backend" since there is an API that allows everything to be done on the "front-end" itself. This applies to Lightning Web Components that go to the HTML standard.

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In Lightning, Salesforce Is Still A Community

It is true that in Classic, there is a community where everyone collaborates in the forums, support tools or on the AppExchange. In "Lightning Ecosystem", things are not far behind, and people offer to develop and exchange solutions and apps that exceed what you have previously experienced in Classic.


On many occasions within Classic, you had to wait for a Salesforce developer to understand the logic of the objects to modify some operation. Lightning brings us an intuitive development in which it will only be necessary to drag, drop.

It All Started In Mobile

In its beginning, Lightning was an interface for mobile devices, leaping the way of running a business, since they could carry out actions with Salesforce from anywhere, at any time, with or without connection. Salesforce development, once again, makes work easier and more efficient.

Fast, Smart And Functional

If there is something that characterizes the technological generations, it is that we like everything here and now, and that is why Lightning is succeeding, because it is the fastest Salesforce system for any department, and most importantly, to interact with each other.

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The Major Benefits Of Using Salesforce

Customer orientation and the customer-centric organization are important topics and the role of an all-in-one ecosystem is becoming more and more necessary. An ecosystem is a source towards which all information about the customer converges. Connecting different departments such as customer service, marketing, sales management and accounting, this ecosystem will provide you with a holistic understanding of your customer. To this end, Salesforce, the largest platform on the cloud, offers multiple options.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Salesforce


Salesforce platform is very adaptable. The objects you find on Salesforce can be completely rearranged to your liking at any time. As a user, you are not restricted to the unique use of page layouts, workflows, and processes predetermined for you. This makes the Salesforce ecosystem more flexible than any other similar software on the market.

Easy To Use

In keeping with its flexibility, another major advantage of Salesforce is the ease with which it can be handled. As a relatively small organization and without a great deal of in-depth IT knowledge, you will still be able to implement your administrative changes. Trailheads, Salesforce's learning program will easily train you to grow from being a user to an administrator. Several modules can be taken and completed with a final exam. Bypassing certain exams, you will earn a badge: a fun and challenging element. After completing these training sessions, you will be more or less able to handle the software.

An Infinite Number Of Options With Multiple Applications

In addition to the cloud that we designed ourselves, the Salesforce ecosystem also includes apps that you can buy on the AppExchange. A major advantage over other suppliers with whom you have to be content with integrated tools from a single supplier.

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Liens Standards API

In addition to the endless number of apps available on AppExchange that you can integrate directly into your Salesforce space, there are external apps that you can also link to your space. The big advantage of Salesforce being the largest platform in the cloud is that several vendors offer standard API links on Salesforce. For example, if Pardot (Salesforce's standard marketing automation) doesn't suit your needs, you're free to reach out to other vendors for a proven alternative, such as Hubspot, Act-on, Eloqua and Marketo. All of them are decent tools that have proven their worth in the market and can easily be connected without having to pay overtime.

The World's Largest Cloud Platform

Salesforce is the largest ecosystem in the world, with all the benefits that this entails for its users. The platform is continuously evaluated by its users and developed by the best promoters in the world to go further and grow every day. As a user, you can be assured that you are using the most recent available tools that exist. In addition, you will have at your disposal a range of the most important and complete applications.


The integration of Salesforce into your business processes offers you numerous advantages. Salesforce aims to increase the productivity of sales teams through software that can be flexibly adapted to company-specific working methods. For this purpose, numerous tools for cross-departmental collaboration are provided and detailed information is aggregated for each lead. Researching specific leads used to take a lot of time.

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