6 Top Note Taking Apps For iOS

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6 top note taking apps for ios

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Nov 26, 2021

An iOS is a tool that makes it easier for you to carry out different graphic activities. However, creating notes on this type of equipment can be more complicated, especially to generate them freehand.

For this reason, to make them more accessible and more organized, some applications have emerged that include innovative tools, which allow the generation of more attractive digital documents with more efficient storage mechanisms.

In this text, we want to help you describe some note taking iOS apps by iOS app developers that are very useful and allow the user to customize their documents significantly.

6 Best Note Taking Apps For iOS

These note applications for iOS have many attractive options. Next, we will describe the best app for you to write your notes on your mobile devices.

1) Good Notes

It has more reach than a digital notebook. Good Notes is perfect for taking notes and making notes or diagrams on both iPad and iPhone. It has a very simple interface and allows handwriting thanks to its compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

You will be able to write, underline, move, duplicate and delete pages. The draft is exact and even the digital stickers can be moved from one place to another without inconvenience. There is also the possibility of adding images and text. In addition, it will allow you to organize the content to your liking and change its size.

One obvious disadvantage is that you do not have a voice memo option.

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2) Penultimate

This is another of the best-known alternatives to write on your iOS. Penultimate is very versatile because you can work smoothly on the virtual sheet with the Drift function. That is, while you write, you can have a very natural experience with pen and paper.

It also allows you to have different types of paper at your fingertips and even access the possibility of importing it. In addition, it is a tool that you can synchronize with Evernote to manage the notes efficiently.

With Penultimate, you will have an efficient solution for your notes in your hands. It has a button to save in the cloud, it has templates to make notes more quickly and it allows the search for documents and PDFs conveniently.

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3) Notability

The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to personalize your notes through different elements that it incorporates, such as the variety of ink styles. Notability is very secure as it integrates with Touch ID and Face ID. It ensures that only you can access and edit the information. As if that weren't enough, it has different fonts so you can perfect your writing.

If we mention some unfavorable points, it should be noted that the writing is not so fluent and the cutting of digital stickers is a bit complicated.

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4) Microsoft One Note

If you are looking for an application with an exceptional design, Microsoft One Note is an excellent option. It is compatible with iOS, iPhone and Apple Watch. With this digital notepad alternative, you will be able to capture your ideas, store them and synchronize them with your mobile devices.

It works perfectly with the Apple Pencil, so you can make annotations, graphs and drawings that allow you to quickly understand what you have written.

To make the visual experience more practical, you can highlight the notes with labels. It also has an advanced search system that makes it easy for you to find your files on the site that has stored them. You can also record voice memos, add online videos and files.

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5) Simple Note

Save notes and notes in an easy and practical way so that you can synchronize them on your mobile devices. Its efficiency is extraordinary since it allows you to make instant searches and organize your notes with labels.

With Simple Note, you won't be able to upload photos or change their text format. However, the agility it offers is practical and functional, making it a precious resource. Plus, your files are kept up-to-date and fully organized.

It also stands out because it is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows. Similarly, you can write, preview, and post in Markdown format.

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6) Pages

This is an iOS word processor that works excellent for handwriting comments and illustrations. It has more than 70 templates so that you can create personalized documents. You can also mark the changes and underline them.

In this way, you can work simultaneously with the entire computer in real-time from an iOS, Mac, iPhone and Pod touch. It also allows you to do it from a computer.

Among its main features are that you can share your documents publicly or with the person you choose. You can also see who accesses to view your files and see the cursor of other users to know that they edit it.

It is available in documents stored in iCloud and in Box. Also, it can be made compatible with Microsoft Word.

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The note-taking apps for iOS are generally available for iPhone, Mac, and other devices. However, some apps are not appropriate for this type of equipment. You can check the specifications of each one.

The best thing about these programs is that they allow you to work and take advantage of your Apple Pencil.

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Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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