LGBT apps have an open approach. Most LGBT apps allow their users to create a profile similar to that of traditional social networks, and shows suggestions for lesbian events within your area where you can go meet other girls in person. Their purpose is to connect lesbians, gays and bisexuals within the community and not just be one more app to flirt.

Many online dating apps allow users to register through their Facebook or Instagram accounts in order to validate the authenticity of said records. On some LGBT apps, messages are unlimited for free memberships, but you can only message people with whom you are compatible.

Top LGBT Dating Apps For The LGBT Community

1) Fem

You will not find men's profiles since Fem is an app only for women. This is a free application to find a partner or friends for Android and iOS “aimed at lesbians and people interested in meeting lesbians”.

Although the motto is not very inclusive, the application is not only for lesbians, women of any sexual orientation and gender can use it.

Fem is a bit different from other apps because profile videos are created instead of photos and you have the option of entering group chats.

If you are too shy for a video, do not worry, it is not mandatory, and many users use their profile like any other dating app, sharing their best selfies.

Download: Play Store

2) Scissr

It is known as the Grindr app for lesbians but more “sophisticated”, a dating app “by lesbians, for lesbians”.With a slightly subtle name Scissr (scissors).Users must be 18 years or older, can upload three photos and write a bio of up to 300 words.

The application has the option to send private messages, send "crushes" to another user or you can also add them to your "wish list" and eventually date lesbians.It also has search preferences among which are:"Love and relationship", "connections" and "friendship".

The sexual orientation options to choose from in this kind of LGBT Tinder are: Lesbian, bisexual or “curious”.

Like other online dating and chat apps, Scissr works with GPS to help you locate potential dates close to your location, however, unlike other apps, geofencing will not limit your possible connections to a defined proximity.

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3) Wapa (formerly Brenda)

Formerly known as Brenda, Wapa is among the most popular LGBT dating apps. It's like the grinder for women. This app is free and is available for Android and iOS.The app has more than 300,000 users in 160 countries around the world.

The average age of women in Wapa is 30 years old, most people are in their late twenties or early thirties. In many ways it is like Tinder, only it is an exclusive app for lesbians.The free subscription allows you to send and receive unlimited messages. Photos and videos can also be sent, but only premium members can save these videos and photos to their device.

You can use your mobile's GPS to locate women within your area, or you can browse and view profiles around the world. Another feature that this app has is that you can send video messages to other users.

The translator incorporated in the premium version allows women of all cultures to communicate with each other and to start an international relationship without leaving home.

Wapa also uses a verification system to analyse the profiles and discard those that are false. Users can vote which profiles they think are genuine and which are fake. The system registers the votes and highlights the profiles according to their voting.

Download: Play Store, App Store

4) Moovz

Moovz allows users to share their lives, ideas and stories to create a deeper connection with the community locally and globally. In this application it is easier to make friends.It is presented as a combination of “Facebook, Instagram and Tinder” that aims to connect communities around the world.

Like other apps, you also have the option to filter your search based on location, and the allusion to Tinder shows that romance and love is not completely out of the question.

However, the main focus is to provide a global hub for the LGBT community.

5) Lesly

It's a lesbian and bisexual community where you can chat, hang out, and flirt with other LGBTQ singles in your area or around the world.You can filter your search to find single lesbians you like and send them a message.With the Lesly app, you can also use geolocation, like in Tinder, to check all your nearby compatible connections.

In addition, all files of registered users are reviewed by Lesly staff in order to eliminate possible fraud or scams.Only lesbian and bisexual women over the age of 18 can register on the app.

Download: Play Store, App Store

6) Bumble

Bumble is present in 160 countries and translated into 19 languages, it is a dating app that is NOT exclusively for women. About 10% of its users are women seeking women.

It has the peculiarity that private messages expire in 24 hours, if you do not respond, it is lost. You can upload up to 6 photos of yourself and its search filter is very detailed.

They also have an app to just make friends and another for professional contacts.

Download: Play Store, App Store


There are other online dating apps out there that are focused on the LGBT community. Mobile devices with the help of mobile apps have made it easy to find whatever you are looking for on the internet. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the LGBT dating app development of excellent mobile apps.

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