Launched in 1991, the python language is really famous among app developers nowadays. More than 48% of worldwide developers choose Python as their primary language. Even with its worldwide popularity, still many developers have various misconceptions about Python such as it is a Scripting Language - Only, Python is slow, it does not scale and even it is not suitable for big projects. But so many popular apps that we use on a daily basis are proving all these misconceptions wrong.

Let's take a look at the top mobile app development that uses Python as its main language.

7 Best Apps Built By Using Python In 2022

1) Dropbox

One of the most popular file hosting services providers, DropBox uses Python as its core language. DropBox provides various functionalities such as cloud software, personal cloud, cloud storage, client software and many more. This Python app development hosting service allows users to access and share any files on their computer devices saved on their personal cloud. Users can access Dropbox on various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Dropbox offers robust support, ease of memorizing and amazing readability because of Python development. The rapid render and development cycle of Python allows app development companies to develop, deploy and test the app in no time.

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2) Spotify

The most amazing music streaming mobile application Spotify is developed using Python. The annual revenue of Spotify in 2021 was 9.67 billion euros. The advanced data gathering and data analytics functionality of Python helps Spotify to win users' hearts. Apart from the data analytics services Spotify is using Python for backend services as well. The discovery and radio functionality of Spotify is also written using Python. Apart from that various little features and functionalities of Spotify are built using Python. Apart from the file-hosting service, Python is also useful to develop streaming mobile apps as well. Spotify has around 406 million global users. Spotify alone clears up the misconception about python that it is not suitable for big projects.

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3) Pinterest

Pinterest basically says pin your interests. Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform that allows users to find and save various images, GIFs and short videos. Pinterest has all the content in the image form that we can usually find on the world wide web. Pinterest shows various image-based data and content for various categories such as DIY, fashion, technology, food, science, motivation and so on. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Pinterest has around 431 million monthly active users. The mobile app of Pinterest is developed based on python and deeply modified Django. Both of these web development technologies are enhancing the user experience by providing real-time image updates, on-time push notifications, real-time data delivery along with handling an enormous amount of users at the same time.

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4) Uber

Extremely popular, on-demand car hail and ride-sharing mobile application Uber is developed using Python and other two top programming languages. Uber allows users to book their car ride to communicate from one place to another. Along with that users can also order food from their favorite nearby places to get it delivered. Launched in 2009, Uber has 93 million active users right at this moment. Uber is available in more than 900 metropolitan areas globally. Uber uses Tornado and Python language to run complex code at fantastic speed along with providing fresh services on time. Uber app developers use a Python-oriented web framework to allow seamless communication between uber drivers and passengers. Uber holds around 71% market share for its on-demand ride-sharing services and 22% market share for food delivery services.

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5) Quora

Quora a question and answer platform allows users to add a question on the platform and other users can answer them for them. The questions can be from any topic starting from technology to movies. Almost around 3000-5000 questions daily. The app developers of Quora have chosen Python because of its exceptional readability, simple to use syntax, Stable ecosystem, Efficiency to develop backend and frontend, ability to develop various functions with fewer efforts, quicker development with less code of lines and pocket-friendly development. And python has proved its reliability really well.

6) Meta

A widely used social media platform Meta -formally known as Facebook's 21% of the codebase is built using python. The Meta app developers have used Tornado along with Python for security purposes and to authenticate the user identity. Python and Tornado are being used in Meta to update users' feeds on specific time intervals along with that it secures the app infrastructure consistency. Python in Meta is beneficial to facilitate full-scale positioning, endorse transmission amongst the network devices, helps in burn-in testing, assists in server imaging, authorizes auto-remediation, recognizes manifold faults, analyzes the work of servers, Mechanizing maintenance work and so on. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Meta has 3.59 billion active users.

7) Reddit

A web content rating, discussion portal, Reddit is another example of a top mobile app built using python. This social news aggregator platform allows users to register themselves and post their content through text, image or even links format. The other users can upvote and downvote the uploaded content and even hold a discussion over the topic as well. Launched in 2005, Reddit now has almost 48 million monthly active users. Reddit supports more than 85 different languages. Reddit uses the ‘batteries included’ method of python to assist complex functionality and the workload.


I hope we have convinced you enough that Python is the most preferred language because the list of top apps built using Python can go on and on. Various app development companies use Python even for the smallest task as it simplifies the mobile app development process and reduces the burden of the developers. If you have any app development requirements that you want to build using Python, reach out to our mobile app developers who will deliver the most suitable solutions based on your requirements.

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