Streaming is very easy for you as a user: Depending on the content you want to stream, click or tap on " Play " in the program, app or website of your choice and the desired content will be streamed. Whether you want to experience videos, songs, podcasts or even games - thanks to streaming you can do it in real-time.

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  • The Difference Between Streaming and Downloading
  • What Content Can Be Streamed?
  • Top Apps For Live Streaming
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The Difference Between Streaming and Downloading

Put, a very similar process takes place in the background when streaming as when downloading: Because your desired content is also downloaded - at least temporarily - when streaming. This means that files will be stored on your storage for a short time even when streaming. Content that is no longer required, i.e., already "consumed", is automatically deleted from your device - unlike the download. Here, the content remains permanently on your end devices. Another key difference to downloading is that when streaming, you don't have to wait for a video, game, or song to fully download. Instead, only parts that are currently needed are temporarily downloaded during streaming. For this reason, streaming is faster than downloading with a stable internet connection.

What Content Can Be Streamed?

All files can be streamed on a server, i.e., always accessible computers with massive storage space. Today, however, audio, video, and games are among the most streamed things.

Music Streaming

You stream music whenever you have internet radio or audio-on-demand services, and Podcasts are also usually made available for streaming by various providers. Music streaming services can generally be accessed via Internet browsers, apps and programs on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Video Streaming

Whether TV programs, privately created video clips or series and films on demand: streaming videos are also enjoying great popularity these days thanks to YouTube, Netflix and the like. And that's no wonder: after all, especially in HD and 4K quality and the associated vast amounts of data, it makes sense not to download videos but only to stream them.

Top Mobile Apps For Live Streaming

1) Cast to TV

One of the best mobile streaming apps that can help you start your live streaming session is Cast to TV. It is one of the most popular streaming applications that you can use directly on your mobile phone. This fantastic app allows you to switch from the front to the rear camera to make your streaming session flexible and intuitive.

2) Twitch

The following live streaming tool you can trust is Twitch. It is, so far, the best and most used Live streaming application for games in the world. It also covers and offers other streaming videos like live talk shows, travel, song coverage, food, and many more. Start by creating your account for free.

3) StreamNow

Another affordable live streaming app is StreamNow. You can personalize your video using its wide range of themes and customization options and controls. With the help of these themes and backgrounds, this app is known as one of the most aesthetic streaming platforms in the world.

4) Instagram

Another social media site offers a fantastic live streaming feature that you can use to show your video directly. Instagram provides a great live broadcast feature that you can use to show your video directly. However, video streaming is only available while streaming live and will disappear after streaming is complete. It only takes a couple of steps to start your live broadcast on Instagram.

5) Periscope

Periscope is a live video streaming app for both Android and iOS. It offers public and private domains where you can choose who can see your live streaming sessions. The good thing about this application is that you can save your video after its validity of 24 hours to upload it to a more permanent site or multimedia platform.

6) Zoom Cloud Meetings

If you are looking for live streaming apps for iPhone, you can use Zoom Cloud Meetings. This application allows you to take calls, join Zoom webinars, stream live videos, and more using your mobile phone. With high-definition video and audio features, you can easily show your live streaming activity.

7) Go Live

Share your live broadcast using your mobile phones through Go Live. This application allows you to stream live videos directly from your mobile devices. It also offers a function icon that you can use to change the default front camera to the rear to select a wide-angle lens.

8) Stream

This is one of the best streaming apps for both Android and iOS is Stream. It helps you create video content through live streaming with deep integration and built-in intelligence. You can easily share live videos by using your mobile phone and participating in Microsoft 365 Live events seamlessly. In addition, it offers filters, whiteboards and stickers to make your live broadcast more creative.

9) 365Scores

One of the best streaming apps for Android is 365Scores. This fantastic mobile application allows you to create your live streaming platform, and you can pick and choose the exact event you want to use in your live streaming session.

10) Facebook Live

Start your live broadcast using the world's most famous social media site. With Facebook, you can start streaming your live video with clarity and high resolution, even when only using your mobile phone via Facebook Live.


Choosing the right application and platform to start your streaming session can be a tough decision. However, with this article as a guide, we have narrowed the choices down to 10 of the best live streaming apps to help you. Our app developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem UK can assist you for live streaming app development that fits your business.

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