The hardware from Apple is enjoying increasing popularity with consumers and desktops and laptops from Apple are also increasingly being used in everyday business. Nevertheless, many IT managers and CIOs remain skeptical and prefer to use Windows computers, which they justify lower acquisition costs. It is not uncommon for decision-makers to be unaware that the demand for Apple for Business is steadily increasing.

The Most Significant Advantages Of Mac Apps In Business


Mac devices can be implemented very quickly and intuitively in the company using the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) via Mobile Device Management (MDM), regardless of whether there are ten or 10,000 devices at the same time. A large number of devices means hardly any additional work for the IT department. Such models do not exist with Windows yet; an image is usually required here, which first has to be diligently installed manually or semi-automatically on each device.


Windows devices are often more prone to problems than Macs, increasing support costs. According to a survey at IBM, only five percent of Mac users need support help, compared to 40 percent for Windows computers. The installation of updates can also be significantly simplified using MDM systems.


The market share of Windows computers is significantly higher than that of Macs. As a result, there is significantly more malware for Windows operating systems than Apple devices. In addition, it is much more difficult for hackers to attack Apple devices than Windows computers. For companies, the security of their hardware is essential. Security gaps or attacks cost money and endanger the data and, last but not least, the company's reputation.


Apple hardware usually stays in the company for at least a year longer than comparable Windows devices. This is also because a new Apple operating system offers support for devices at least four years or even older. At the same time, the performance does not decrease at all or only slightly, even after a long period of time.

Residual Value

Mac Apps have a significantly higher residual value than comparable Windows devices. For a four-year-old device, companies get up to ten times as much as a Windows computer that is just as old. This is partly due to the fact that more and more people prefer to work on Apple devices, both privately and professionally, and are increasingly focusing on Macs when it comes to user devices.

9 Best Mac Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Thousands of mobile applications by iOS app developers are available for Mac. But to improve your productivity, we have selected the best: from taking notes to managing your emails, discover and download the ones you need.

There are plenty of apps on Mac, whether it's for note taking, concentrating, or managing your emails.

1) Noizio

Do you want to work, but the atmosphere around you is not conducive to concentration?

Noizio is the perfect app to disconnect from noise. Install the tool and select the mood you want in the background. It offers several sounds ranging from the sound of the ocean to the wind blowing in the desert and perfect music to help you relax while boosting your productivity.

2) Spark Email

Spark is the reference email application for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Its features allow you to sort through your messages quickly: at a glance, you can see essential emails and those that can wait. Indeed, Spark classifies messages into three categories: Personal, Notifications and Newsletters. You will waste less time sorting through your emails.

3) Escape 2

This app helps you stay focused by escaping the addictive madness of social media. It reminds you every time you try to access one of your accounts and shows you how much time you've spent there all week.

You can also configure it to assign a quota to each social network and avoid wasting precious time.

4) Muzzle

As entrepreneurs, you indeed have notifications that appear regularly on your desktop:

- New emails.
- Messages on social networks.
- New articles published by your favorite blogs tend to distract you.
- Muzzle will help you manage the disturbing notifications and help you achieve productivity.

5) Unsplash Wallpapers

Unsplash is a jaw-dropping library of images. The application allows you to select one of their images and make it your wallpaper to change the sometimes-boring visuals of Macs.

6) Evernote

You can capture, organize, and share the notes taken anywhere with it. You can add links, checklists, tables, files, voice recordings and even handwritten notes. It synchronizes with your iPhone, your iPad and any other device where you have installed it.

7) FlagTimes

Dedicated to entrepreneurs who have international clients, FlagTimes lets you know the time in each country. It helps you avoid calculating the hours of your customers or foreign collaborators with each email or call. You save a lot of time, but you also optimize your productivity.

8) Tyke

Tyke or the light and unobtrusive app that lives in your menu bar. It's your draft when you need to take a quick note. It's simple and efficient and lets you doodle something without having to open a text editor or note app.

9) Hemingway

It's the intelligent editor you've always dreamed of. Hemingway makes sure that your automatic corrector not only corrects spelling mistakes but considers the meaning and logic of your sentences.

With its new version 3.0, the functionalities are improved and allow you to edit and publish directly on the platform of your choice.


These are some of the top apps on mac that can inspire iPhone app developers. These apps offer various functionalities ranging from achieving productivity to keeping notes and security. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we are a leading mobile app development company in UK. We can assist you with the development of excellent Mac apps.

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