FaceApp is trendy app on the internet. And today, everyone has a weird app for adding faces to photos installed on their mobile phones. It's a simple photo editing job, accessible to everyone, but above all very fun.

Face changing applications allow us to change our own face with another person's face, put on masks, become stuntmen of famous people, distort our facial features, transform into a cartoon character, superimpose our face on the face of an actor or actress in a film, etc. Huge range of possibilities and many opportunities for the development of our creativity.

In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best face changing mobile apps like FaceApp. With them and a little imagination, we can have fun. There are simpler and more complex ones, but they all have their own appeal.

The Best Face Changing Apps Similar To FaceApp:

1) Cut and Paste Photos

Cut and Paste Photos app leaves no room for doubt. That's what this app is for: cut and paste photos. It may not be the best in its segment or the most famous, but it certainly does what it promises.

This app allows us to select and crop a specific part of a photo. Later, this cut fragment can be pasted into another image or a new background.

There are certain tools in the app, such as scaling, to get closer to the image and perfect the framing. It doesn't do as many things as Photoshop. But it does offer some cool features that can be used a lot with a little creativity on our end. Simple but effective. And above all, completely free.

2) Cupace

Cupace app is perfect for creating memes and adding fun touches to your photos and other utilities. The most commonly used function is to swap faces in a photo, cut out a face or part of it, and then paste them into another photo. In addition, you can add text and other details such as emoticons and effects. It has a cut mode, a process in which the app helps us with a magnifying glass (scaling) and a detailed line drawing to follow. Cropped faces are automatically saved to the Face Gallery to be reused in other photos without re-cropping.

Finally, Cupace allows you to save copy-paste results and share them on social networks such as Instagram, Path, Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.

3) Face Blender

Face blender app has a simple and user-friendly interface. This is a great benefit as you don't have to spend hours studying how it works and discovering its tricks. Its simplicity is its main advantage. To use Face Blender, you need to click on the image and select a template to perform the combination. After that, the application will adjust the corners of the image so that it matches the desired frame.

4) Face Swap

Face Swap app for adding faces to photos is bigger, although its stellar feature is face swapping. To perform this operation, select the original photo where the face appears (be careful: there must be no more than six faces in the image for this to work). Once this is done, you need to select other photos to recognize the other face, extract it and place it on the first selected photo.

While the results of this face swap are great (it's one of the best apps in this particular feature), the truth is that the overall app is somewhat limited as it doesn't allow you to do much more than that. It should also be noted that Face Swap is a tool exclusively for the Android platform.


This is not a face copy and paste app or face swap. But it would be a huge mistake not to include it on our list. Moreover, it was acquired by Facebook.

MSQRD consonants of the word "Masquerade". Its main function is to apply a series of fun masks to the faces that appear in our photos. Or on your own face using your phone camera.

Using this app is as easy as possible: we focus the camera on our own face in selfie mode and MSQRD effects are applied in real time. We must highlight good tracking in motion, thanks to which we can move, gesture and even speak under the mask of our choice without the slightest compromise on quality.

On the other hand, it must be said that the results of this app for adding faces to photos will largely depend on the quality of our phone's camera and the heart rate we have. It should also be noted that this is a free application highly regarded by users.

6) Snapchat

Snapchat, an app for adding faces to photos and more. Probably the most popular photo app. Snapchat was the first to dare try its luck in this niche market back in 2011. Its success was instantaneous, and soon millions of downloads were recorded on phones around the planet. And not only among young people.

Snapchat offers many features for changing and sharing faces: filters, masks, touch-ups. The possibilities are almost endless and the results are fun. Moreover, it allows us to share our creations with our contacts via social media.

Snapchat users can take photos, record videos, and add text, drawings, and other effects. The images and videos you create are called snapshots. Users choose how long they can be seen. After that, they disappear from the recipient's screen and are permanently deleted from the server. We can say that each rig demonstrates fun and whimsical "ephemeral art".

Snapchat is a free app available for both Android and iOS. One of those that everyone should have on their mobile phone.


Enjoy changing your face and appearing in pictures with your favorite celebrities with some of the top face changing apps. You can now see how you will look at your old age with some of the face changing apps. Most of them are free and are available for both Android and iOS. Hire dedicated app developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem UK can assist you in developing unique mobile apps.

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